What Is the Rarest Wand on Wizarding World? (2023)

One of the most important assets every wizard and witch has is a wand. It helps them perform more complex forms of magic. There are many different combinations of the wands make and there are extremely common ones while the other ones are rare. However, if you do not have the luxury of visiting Ollivander’s, what is the rarest wand you can get on Wizarding World?

The rarest wand you can get on Wizarding World is an Elder wand with Thestral tail-hair, however, if you get this wand it will simply be the wand of that core and wood and not the actual Elder Wand owned by Dumbledore and Voldemort.

Wandlore is extremely interesting so if you would like to learn more about the wand-making process keep reading.

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Basics of the Wandlore

What is the rarest wand core?

What is the rarest wand on Wizarding World?

Basics of the Wandlore

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Although we can see a few examples of wandless magic throughout the series, and J.K. Rowling explained that wandless magic is a common part of the wizarding world, it is unlikely that you’ll ever encounter a witch or a wizard without it.

Once young witches and wizards turn eleven, before coming to Hogwarts they have to visit Diagon Alley, to get a wand. Since eleven is too young for anyone to perform any complex feats of wandless magic, magical children get wands that help them channel their magic.

Despite the fact that the act seems pretty simple, it is unclear how exactly this process works. As Olivander put it while Harry was getting his wand, wizards and witches actually get chosen by the wand. This process is still a bit unclear even to the most knowledgeable wandmakers.

Since the process of making and choosing wands is so complex and mysterious there is an entire branch of magical knowledge dedicated to it called wandlore.

There were many wandmakers in the wizarding community and they were generally regarded as competent and intelligent individuals due to the complexity of their profession. However, one of the most praised ones was Ollivander, whose wands were known all around the world as the best wands you could get.

One of the important parts of the wand which help greatly in determining whether the wand is a good match is the wood it is made out of. As such, one of the most famous wandmakers, Ollivander, created a specific set of notes which helped him in determining which wand could be a good fit.

One of the most common myths regarding the wand wood is that wands made out of Elm only allowed pure-blood witches and wizards to perform magic using them; however, through his many years of work Ollivander managed to disprove this.

Fitting with the misconception, the most popular character in the series holding an Elm wand is Lucius Malfoy.

The rarest wood used in wand making is Elder. It was rarely used since elder wands were tricky to master and refused to listen to any holder which the wands wouldn’t find superior of its company.

If a witch or a wizard managed to master it, the wand would give them full use of powerful magic it could produce. However, even once the wand made out of Elder has been mastered, it was hard to hold onto even if the holder was an exceptional magic-user.

The two most famous holders of a wand made out of Elder were Albus Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort.

Another rare wand wood is Holly. It was believed among wandmakers that Holly wands make a great fit for magic-folk who are in need of help with overcoming anger and impulsivity. The Holly was recorded as having healing properties and the ability to repel evil.

One of the most popular characters holding a wand made out of Holly is Harry Potter.

What is the rarest wand core?

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Although the wood that the wand is made out of is important as well and sometimes even has magical properties of its own, the most important part of the wand is its core.

The core is only harvested from magical creatures and is magically inserted into the wand once it has been carved from the wood. It gives the wood magical abilities or enhances the existing properties in the wood.

There are many different cores the rarest three are Dragon heartstring, Unicorn hair, and Phoenix feather. Coincidently these three cores produce the most powerful wands. Some other possible cores are Veela hair, Thunderbird tail feathers, White River Monster spine, and Basilisk horn.

Unicorn hair produces the least powerful wands out of these three cores which is why it is often paired up with more powerful wood that for the core.

However, Unicorn hair is known for producing the most consistent magic. The wands with this core are extremely loyal and will remain in the faith of their first owner regardless of how accomplished he or she is.

The only downside of this core is that Unicorn hair makes the wand prone to melancholy once they are mistreated. This may cause the Unicorn hair inside the want to “die” and to stop producing magic. If this occurs, the core has to be replaced.

Wands with Unicorn hair as core were used by Remus Lupin, Nevile Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, and Cedric Diggory.

The Dragon heartstring is known for making the most powerful wands capable of the most extravagant forms of magic. It makes the wand learn different forms of magic more quickly than the other.

Although a skilled witch or a wizard could be successful in turning the wand to Dark Arts, the wand will try to fight it. One disadvantage of this core is that it causes the wand to become more prone to accidents.

One of the most popular witches which had a wand with a Dragon heartstring core is Bellatrix Lestrange. Aside from her, wands with Dragon heartstrings were held by Hermione Granger, Horace Slughorn, and Ron Weasley.

The rarest wand core is the Phoenix feather. It is capable of producing the biggest range of magic, although it doesn’t reveal it immediately.

They are the hardest wands to tame and trust someone with their allegiance since they come from an extremely independent animal that is disconnected from most of the world.

Wands with Phoenix feather as the core was only known to be held by two wizards: Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort.

What is the rarest wand on Wizarding World?

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The rarest wand found on Wizarding world, formerly known as Pottermore is the Elder wand and Thestral tail-hair.

Elder wood is one of the most rarely used types of wood in the winemaking process. Wand makers usually avoid it since Elder wood’s properties make it hard to master and use which is why they very rarely find a match.

Most witches and wizards often don’t want Elder wood wand since it is rumored to be profoundly unlucky and prone to tricking its owners.

What further makes Elder wand rare is the core it contains. The core of the elder wand is the Thestral tail-hair. Besides generally being unstable and difficult to master, wandmakers often describe it as hard to work with which is why it is not used as often.

In addition to this, the combination is one of the rarest. Wands which are usually made which are made with cores that are harder to master are balanced with an easier to master or less powerful wand wood.

Since both the core and the wood of the Elder Wand are hard to master they make an unlikely combination. In addition to this most wandmakers wouldn’t dare to try recreating a wand that was fashioned by the Death itself.

Can you get the Elder Wand on Wizarding World?

If you answer the questions in the quiz correctly you can get an Elder wand. The questions regarding your eye color, the trait you value the most, and the path you chose to follow on the crossroad determine the wood of your wand.

To get an Elder wand you will have to choose blue as your eye color, intelligence as the trait you value the most, and the path which leads to the castle as your path of choice at the crossroad.

However, these choices will only get you a wand made out of the Elder wood. You actually cannot get the Elder Wand, the one made by Death on Wizarding world.

It is understandable if you want to have the Elder Wand for yourself; after all, it is the most powerful wand in the world. To achieve this you can cheat a bit and find it on Amazon.

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