Top 10 Pentesting Companies in the World in 2022 (2023)

Understanding pentesting is an important step in making sure you entrust your security into the right hands. Penetration testing, also known as pentesting, is a method of testing your company's defences against cyberattacks by trying to break into it. Pentesters are ethical hackers who use the same techniques they would use to attack companies on their own networks to find vulnerabilities that can be exploited. This blog post will explore what pentesting is and how it works before discussing why you should invest in this security measure for your business. It will then introduce 10 prominent penetration testing companies so you can choose which one best suits your needs.

Understanding penetration testing

What is penetration testing?

  1. Pentesting is a way of assessing the security of your company's systems by simulating attacks on them. This involves sending someone, usually from outside the network you are trying to protect, into it in order to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited if real attackers wanted access to your data or other resources. The term "penetration test" is sometimes used interchangeably with "pentest", but this can be misleading as there are various other types of pentesting, including mobile app penetration testing. It's also important to note that a pen test shouldn't give an attacker anything they don't already have or access otherwise (i.e., it shouldn't reveal your passwords).

What types of pentesting are there?

There are three main types of pentesting:

  • Black-box pentesting is the most common type and involves attacking a system without any prior knowledge of how it works.
  • White-box pentesting is the opposite; testers have full knowledge of the systems they are trying to break into.
  • Grey-box pentesting is somewhere in between, with testers being provided with some information about the network.

These different types of pentesting can be used as part of a wider pen testing methodology known as penetration testing, or Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES). There are various other methodologies that involve more than one type of pentest, such as Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) and the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS).

How do pentesting engagements work?

The typical pentesting engagement will follow these steps:

  • Preliminary assessment: In this stage, the tester(s) will meet with management to discuss the scope of the test, what systems need to be tested, and what the objectives are.

  • Information gathering: Testers will attempt to gather as much information about the target systems as possible, including how they work and any vulnerabilities that have been identified in the past.

  • Vulnerability analysis: This is where testers will try to exploit any vulnerabilities they have discovered in order to gain access to sensitive data or systems.

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  • Reporting: Once the pentesting is complete, testers will produce a report detailing their findings and what actions should be taken to address any vulnerabilities discovered.

Who needs penetration testing?

Penetration testing is not just for large companies; it can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes. However, due to the nature of the data dealt with by some services, they end up being more appealing targets to hackers. Some such services include:

  • Finance and banking: These companies are attractive targets because of the sensitive data they hold about their customers; if that information is stolen or leaked it can result in a huge financial loss.

  • Manufacturing and healthcare businesses: These sectors may not have as much customer data on file but could be affected by ransomware if hackers are able to gain access.

  • Government agencies and critical infrastructure sites: such as water supply plants or traffic control systems. If these institutions were compromised then the results could be catastrophic for an entire community.

How often should you perform penetration tests?

The frequency of penetration testing is determined by the sort of business you run and the risks it is prone to. However, it's generally recommended that you pentest at least once a year, if not more often.

How to select the right pentesting company for your needs?

When looking for a pentesting company, the first thing to consider is their reputation and reviews. They ought to have the expertise in the area you need. You should raise the following questions to help yourself decide:

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  • What type of pentesting do they offer?

  • Do they have prior experiences with similar companies in your industry?

  • Are their testers certified?

  • Do they have a good reputation?

  • How much will it cost?

Top 10 pentesting companies in the world in 2022

1) Astra Security: This is one of the top VAPT providers out there. Having created their very own penetration testing solution, the Astra Pentest Suite offers the following features:

  • Comprehensive security audits

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  • Testing against 2500+ known vulnerabilities

  • Major security standards are met during penetration testing (e.g. OWASP, ISO27001, SOC 2, etc.)

  • Interactive dashboard with real-time updates on threats detected

  • Suggestions to fix a vulnerability detected

2) Offensive Security: This is a well-known provider of pentesting and security training services. They offer a variety of penetration testing services, including free Google Hacking Database searches, vulnerability scanning and training of security staff.

3) CrowdStrike: This is a well-established provider of cybersecurity services. They offer penetration testing services to businesses in several different industries, including finance, government and healthcare.

4) FireEye: This is a global provider of cybersecurity services. They offer comprehensive penetration testing, along with other IT security solutions, tools and consulting services.

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5) BreachLock: Relatively new but rapidly growing provider of pentesting and other cybersecurity services. They offer a wide range of pentesting services, including testing of web applications, mobile apps and network assessments. Tests against over 7000 known vulnerabilities and provides a detailed report with suggestions for fixing any vulnerabilities detected.

6) Bugcrowd: This is a bug bounty platform with a large network of security researchers who can test your applications and networks for vulnerabilities.

7) Symantec: One of the top names in cybersecurity, offering a range of services for businesses and consumers. They also offer penetration testing to their customers; pentesting is carried out by their team of experienced security professionals.

8) Veracode: This is a top software security company based in Massachusetts. They also offer pentesting as part of their services, with testers using the Veracode platform to conduct security assessments and identify vulnerabilities.

9) Hackerone: This is another leading bug bounty platform. They offer pentesting services to their customers, as well as vulnerability assessment and management services.

10) Raxis: Another newer player in the pentesting market, but is quickly gaining a reputation for their high-quality services. They specialize in web application pentesting, network penetration testing and mobile security. They also offer a free trial.

Research how these pentesting companies operate, what they have to offer and their overall reputation in the industry before booking an appointment with them.

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When determining who will perform your network security assessment, there are a number of variables to consider. It is important that you understand what they offer and how they can help you meet your specific security needs. The ten providers listed above are some of the best in the business, but there are many other good companies out there that could also meet your requirements.


Author Bio: Ankit Pahuja is the Marketing Lead & Evangelist at Astra Security. Ever since his adulthood (literally, he was 20 years old), he began finding vulnerabilities in websites & network infrastructures. Starting his professional career as a software engineer at one of the unicorns enables him in bringing "engineering in marketing" to reality. Working actively in the cybersecurity space for more than 2 years makes him the perfect T-shaped marketing professional. Ankit is an avid speaker in the security space and has delivered various talks in top companies, early-age startups, and online events.


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