Top 10 NYC Food Startups Hiring for Non-Technical Jobs (2023)

From five star restaurants to your favorite bodega, New York City is famous for its culinary landscape. The city may be the epicenter of high brow dining and late night cheap eats, but anyone who’s spent 2 hours in line at Trader Joe’s knows the food industry here could still use some disruption. Luckily, 2016 brings us tons of NYC-based food startups that go way beyond free office pizza to revolutionize what and how we eat. Even better, they’re looking to fill non-technical roles with hungry job-seekers just like you!

Check out the top 10 NYC food startups hiring for non-technical jobs and eat your way to a fulfilling career.

1. BlueCart – Better Behind the Scenes

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Why they’re awesome: So, how exactly does farm get to table? Freshly founded in 2014, BlueCart is revolutionizing the behind the scenes of the restaurant industry by using technology to streamline communication between suppliers and restaurants. BlueCart brings the ordering process into the 21st century with an app and website that works for restaurants, vendors, and sales reps alike. Restaurants can buy all of their ingredients at once, vendors can receive their orders in an orderly fashion, and sales reps can manage multiple relationships with custom pricing and terms. The perfect integration of process improvement and scale, BlueCart is built for the restaurant industry, past, present and future.

Who: Founded by Jagmohan Bansal, Konstantin Zvereff

Funding: $4M in Series A funding raised in 2015

How do you infiltrate? Based in DC but hiring for a Sales Account Executive role in New York City

Size: 11-50 employees, according to LinkedIn

2. – Catering Your Free Lunches

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Why they’re awesome: Here at Planted, we’ve already waxed poetic on the awesome perks that many startups offer, often including free lunches. is what makes those lunches possible. Designed specifically for offices that need to provide lots of meals to lots of people on a regular basis, the service tracks dietary needs, preferences, order history, and budget to simplify the ordering and invoicing process. Oh, and did I mention they’ve been profitable since day one, without raising any capital? feeds the future of innovation, literally.

Who: Founded by Zach Youngst, Alex Lorton

Funding: None

How do you infiltrate? In NYC, is hiring for Onsite Catering Coordinators, Operations Associates, Client Sales Associates, and Vendor Relations Associates

(Video) 19-Year-Old Chef Opened A NYC Restaurant With A $155 Tasting Menu

Size: 51-200 employees, according to LinkedIn

3. CaterCow – From Host to Hero

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Why they’re awesome: You know how hard it is to get even 3 of your friends to decide on a restaurant – imagine trying to pick a menu for 15+ people. CaterCow somehow makes feeding a group of hungry, picky people an easy, enjoyable experience. Founded by early employees at Airbnb, the online marketplace helps you find the perfect local food provider to cater any size event, anywhere. Be the hero of any board meeting, holiday party, or Taco Tuesday with an unimaginable variety of options, from specialty set-ups like make-your-own taquitos to crowd pleasers like bagel sandwiches. CaterCow: getting people to actually volunteer for event planning, one cake pop at a time.

Who: Founded by Carly Chamberlain, Chris Collins

Funding: $170K in Seed Funding raised in 2013

How do you infiltrate? Acronym-friendly CaterCow is hiring for Customer Operations Wonderworker (COW), Caterer Acquisition & Logistics Facilitator (CALF) positions

Size: 1-10 employees, according to LinkedIn

4. Exo – Not Your Mom’s Protein Bar

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Why they’re awesome: Exo is taking on the often not-so-healthy health food industry with an energy bar that is free of unnatural sugars, gluten, grains, dairy, soy, artificial preservatives and anything processed. How? A little thing called insect protein. The brand doesn’t shy away from their protein source, exclaiming “DON’T MISS YOUR CHANCE TO TRY CRICKETS” on the splash page of their website. In fact, slow roasted and milled crickets (mmmm!) are significantly more environmentally friendly than other protein sources in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. Good for you, good for the world – give crickets a chance.

Who: Founded by Greg Sewitz, Gaby Lewis

Funding: $1.2M Seed funding raised in 2014

How do you infiltrate? Currently hiring for a Sales Rep with a Cross-Fit Focus

(Video) How To Make $20,000 A Month - Start A Recruitment & Staffing Agency!

Size: 1-10 employees, according to LinkedIn

5. Food52 – A Classy Cooking Community

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Why they’re awesome: Founded by a food writer and editor, Food52 is the internet equivalent of your one friend who owns real cookware, actually cooks, and always looks photoshoot ready. The site is full of digital content that inspires its online community to cook 52 weeks a year (get it?). Carefully curated posts cover all aspects of a meal from specialty ingredients to the perfect lighting and include Instagram worthy food photography and mouthwatering recipes with an impeccable eye for design.

Who: Founded by Amanda Hesser, Merrill Stubbs

Funding: $6M in Series B funding raised in 2014

How do you infiltrate? Currently hiring for Account Executive roles

Size: 11-50 employees, according to LinkedIn

6. Spoon University – Feditorial

Why they’re awesome: Let’s get one thing straight. Spoon University is NOT a college that teaches young adults how to go about their lives as spoons. That’s the Spoon Preparatory School in Appleton, Wisconsin. Instead, Spoon University’s mission is way cooler. Spoon’s a food-based media brand that publishes content created by millennials for (wait for it…) other millennials! It’s about as far removed from the food section of your Grandma’s local newspaper as real life dating is from the Bachelor. Instead Spoon’s content (in both format and subject) is super snackable, consisting of easily shared lists, videos, quizzes, and more. Spoon has over 5000 contributors at 150 college campuses and like a bunch of hungry roommates sitting around a loaf of cheesy pull-apart bread, there’s no stopping them. With headlines like “Make These French Toast Nutella Strawberry Roll-Ups in Less than 15 Minutes” and “Mini Pop-Tart Cereal You Can Eat for Every Meal,” it’s no wonder millions of millennials are hungry for Spoon.

Who: Founded by Mackenzie Barth and Sarah Adler

Funding: $2.52M in Venture funding

How do you infiltrate? Currently hiring for an Associate Editor, an Audience Development and Partnerships Manager, a Production Manager, and more Spoon Chapter Leaders!

(Video) Looking for a job? Highlight your ability, not your experience | Jason Shen

Size: 16 in-office employees with 150 campus chapters.

7. – Take the Chef Home

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Why they’re awesome: puts the “family” back in “family dinner.” The startup connects people with professional chefs who serve up farm-to-table restaurant quality meals on your schedule and in the comfort of your home or apartment, including cleaning. That means instead of listening for the oven timer or dreading dish duty, people can actually enjoy a great meal together. On the business end, chefs are not just contractors but actual employees, a bold move in the on-demand sharing economy. Real chefs. Home-cooked meals. Just like the good ol’ days, except better.

Who: Founded by Christopher Muscarella, Lars Kluge, Borahm Cho

Funding: $15M in Series B funding raised March, 2014.

How do you infiltrate? Currently hiring for Product Manager Summer Associates and Marketing Interns

Size: 11-50 employees according to LinkedIn

8. Mercato – Old-School Goes Online

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Why they’re awesome: Is your favorite deli a mom-and-pop establishment that knows your order by heart? Are you always looking for the gourmet cheese shop whose owner has the thickest Italian accent? Mercato is an early stage startup that goes beyond fast food to connect you to an artisan marketplaces of local butchers, creameries, and bakeries. The Mercato philosophy is all about community, legacy, and connecting thoughtful foodies with the old-school neighborhood shops who who treat food as a craft, not a commodity. Mercato: making specialty food as easy to find as the big brands.

Who: Founded by Bobby Brannigan, Michael Mason, Dave Bateman, Jesse Villanueva, Matthew Alarie, and Edward Politis

Funding: $1M in Seed Funding raised in 2015

How do you infiltrate? Use your social skills to get in early as the Social Media Marketing Manager

(Video) 10 Remote Jobs For Beginners (2022)

Size: 1-10 employees, according to LinkedIn

9. Minibar – Delivers Drinks on Demand

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Why they’re awesome: More of a drinker than a foodie? Minibar is a fast growing startup that solves many drinking problems. The problem of the liquor store closing before the pregame starts. The problem of trying to carry four 30-packs six blocks. The problem of realizing you’re out of alcohol in the middle of a party. In major cities all across the country, Minibar works with local partners to deliver wine, beer, and liquor in under an hour. Use (and drink) responsibly.

Who: Founded by Lindsay Andrews, Lara Crystal

Funding: $1.8M in Seed Funding raised in 2014

How do you infiltrate? Currently hiring an Account Executive and Operations Associate

Size: 11-50 employees, according to LinkedIn

10. Plated – Cooking Sans Shopping

Top 10 NYC Food Startups Hiring for Non-Technical Jobs (10)

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Why they’re awesome: So, you want to learn how to cook, but you don’t want to go across town to the farmer’s market to buy expensive produce in large quantities that you can’t finish. Plated takes the waste and work out of food preparation and lets you do the fun part: cooking. The popular food delivery subscription delivers a recipe along with the exact amount of fresh ingredients that you need to make your own home-cooked meal. Plated helps you add to your culinary repertoire without spending hours at the grocery store. Save time, eat more.

Who: Founded by Nick Taranto, Josh Hix

Funding: $35M Series B funding raised in 2015

How do you infiltrate? Currently hiring for Business Analyst, Fulfillment Center Team Members, and more!

(Video) UC Alumni Career Network | Non-tech Jobs in Tech

Size: 143 employees, according to LinkedIn

From teaching us how to cook to making supermarket runs obsolete, food startups are making the world a more delicious place through online marketplaces, foodie communities, streamlined processes, and bugs. Satisfy your appetite for a new, exciting job by signing up with Planted, the fast track to non-technical roles at food startups and more!

Got food knowledge, butdon’t know the first thing about stages, seed rounds or startups? Explore your options and learn how to get an internship or job at a startup.


How do you get a job at a startup with no experience? ›

Tips on How to Get Hired at a Startup:
  1. Your networking skills can help you get hired.
  2. Having a positive attitude.
  3. Work well on your resume.
  4. Research well about the industry and company.
  5. Prepare skillfully for the interview.
  6. Pick the right people and sources.
  7. Showcase your persistence.

How do I find the best startup jobs? ›

Here's how:
  1. Make connections. Most entrepreneurs don't have the time or funds to recruit strategically. ...
  2. Check online startup job listings. Visiting a job listings website can give you a sense of the market as well as bring specific opportunities to your notice. ...
  3. Reach out to startups directly. ...
  4. Create an online presence.

How do I get a job at a startup? ›

Where to Find Startup Jobs
  1. Use Job Sites: AngelList is the best source for startup jobs. ...
  2. Reach Out to Companies Directly: Review lists of the best startups to find companies that match your skillset and interests. ...
  3. Use Your Networking Connections: One of the best ways to find a job at a startup is through networking.
Oct 8, 2019

Is it hard to get a job at a start up? ›

If you aren't already working in tech, finding a job at a startup can be difficult. Startups often don't post job openings and lack formal interview processes, but it can be an excellent career move.

What kind of people work at startups? ›

Startups recruit for several positions — from web developers and engineers to more unique opportunities like customer success managers. Some startups even hire people with little to no experience, especially if they are motivated professionals willing to put in the time and effort to do great things for the company.


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