Tesla Solar Roof review: is it worth the hype? (2023)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the company’s Solar Roof shingles back in October 2016, causing a huge media stir.However, it wasn’t until April 2018 that the electric vehicle manufacturer began the rollout of their first installed Solar Roofs. Even then, very few were installed, making it hard to gauge if the Tesla Solar Roof was as revolutionary as the company claimed it would be.

Then in October 2019, Tesla released the Solar Roof V3, boasting it as their best solar roofing product yet. With a 25-year weatherization warranty and a Class 3 hail rating, the new Tesla Solar Roof is expected to be more durable than previous versions.

But, are Tesla’s solar shingles actually worth the hype they’ve been getting in the media for the past seven years?

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    What is the Tesla Solar Roof?

    Before we get into the specifics of the Tesla Solar Roof, let’s go over what exactly the Solar Roof is.

    Tesla and its subsidiary SolarCity designed the Solar Roof to look like a traditional roof; however, some of the shingles are photovoltaic - meaning they are able to generate solar power. This way, homeowners could enjoy the benefits of solar energy without sacrificing the aesthetic of their homes.

    Tesla’s Solar Roof consists of two types of textured glass tile shingles:

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    1. Active solar shingles
    2. Inactive, non-solar shingles

    When you choose to install a Tesla solar glass roof, your entire roof will be replaced with a combination of active and inactive solar shingles. The active solar tiles contain solar cells, so they can produce solar energy for your home to use. The inactive shingles function as regular shingles and do not produce any electricity.

    Tesla Solar Roof systems also include a Tesla solar inverter and can be paired with a Tesla Powerwall battery.

    Check out SolarReviews Founder, Andy Sendy, give his expert review of the Tesla Solar Roof:

    How much does the Tesla Solar Panel Roof cost?

    According to Tesla, active Solar Roof tiles cost $1.80 per watt. The cost of the inactive shingles and other roofing materials, like underlayment, isn’t as cut and dry. The final price of these roofing materials will vary depending on how complex your roof is - the more complex it is, the higher the price.

    Tesla doesn’t provide one set price for the materials, but it seems like it sits somewhere around $20 per square foot of your total roof area. The company also charges you for the removal of your existing roof. Tesla’s roof tear-off rate is around $2.00 per square foot.

    The actual total cost of a Tesla Solar Roof will depend on how much energy your home uses, the size of your roof, and the complexity of your roof determined by Tesla’s design team, as well as any other details or upgrades deemed necessary by Tesla. For instance, some customers have reported that Tesla required them to upgrade their electrical panel for almost $5,000, adding to the overall cost of the installation.

    The age of your roof may also play a role in what price you have to pay.

    Tesla Solar Roof price example

    We used Tesla’s cost estimator to get an estimate of the total costs of a Solar Roof for a 1,700 square foot roof in Florida with an electric bill of $120 per month. Based on the needs of the home, Tesla suggested a 9.0 kilowatt (kW) Solar Roof at a total cost of $64,200 before incentives.

    The active solar shingles cost $16,200 and the cost to replace the remaining roofing materials had a base cost of $44,500. Tesla would charge you $3,500 for removing your old roof, making the total cost of the Solar Roof $64,200.

    The federal solar tax credit can be applied to the cost of the active shingles, which would bring the total cost down to about $59,340. Keep in mind that some additional costs that aren’t included in the $1.80 per watt for the solar shingles could qualify for the solar tax credit. But, for the sake of simplicity, we are basing our estimates on just the cost of active shingles.

    The 9.0 kW roof is predicted to cover the full monthly electric bill for a total lifetime savings of roughly $36,000.

    Batteries required. All Tesla roofs must be paired with at least one Powerwall battery. The Powerwall costs $11,500 when purchased from Tesla with a roof installation.

    How does the cost of Tesla's Solar Roof compare to traditional solar panels?

    When you look at the cost per watt of Tesla’s Solar Roof, $1.80 per watt, it’s actually much lower than the average cost of solar in the United States of $3.00 per watt.

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    However, the Tesla Solar Shingle Roof isn’t just solar panels, it's a roof plus solar panels. So, to get a better idea of how solar shingles compare to conventional solar panels, we have to look at the price of replacing your roof plus getting solar installed.

    Let’s use the same house from the earlier example. By using the average cost to remove asphalt shingles, the roof tear-off would cost about $1,700. To replace the 1,700-square-foot roof with new asphalt shingles, you could expect a price of about $17,000.

    So, how much would a traditional solar panel system cost? By using the average cost per watt of solar in the U.S., a 9.0 kW solar panel installation would cost $25,200 before the federal tax credit.

    That brings the total cost of installing a traditional solar system and replacing the roof to $43,900. After the federal tax credit, this would come out to about $36,340.

    So how did this compare to the cost of Tesla’s Solar Roof?

    Tesla Solar RoofTraditional solar install + roof replacement
    Cost of solar after tax credit$11,340*$17,640
    Cost of roof tear off$3,500$1,700
    Estimated cost of roof replacement$44,500$17,000
    Total cost$59,340$36,340

    *Only considers the cost of the active solar shingles as qualifying for the tax credit. Additional costs may apply for the actual installation.

    Try our solar cost calculator and see how much solar panels would cost for your specific home

    The price difference may seem surprising because of how much cheaper the active solar shingles are compared to solar panels on a per-watt basis. But Tesla charges a very high price to remove your existing roof, and the other roofing costs are on the higher end, as well. You can get a regular roof replacement from a trusted roofing company for way less than what Tesla is charging.

    How do the savings of the Tesla Solar Roof compare to traditional solar panels?

    Now we know the cost of a Solar Roof compared to a traditional solar installation and roof replacement, but how do the savings stack up?

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    A traditional 9.00 kW solar system in Florida will produce around 13,100-kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per year. Based on an electric rate of $0.16 per kWh, that would save close to $2,100 per year and about $52,400 over the 25-year lifetime of the system.

    Tesla’s production estimates for the Solar Roof would bring yearly savings to around $2,000 and lifetime savings to $50,000.

    The lower solar production from the Solar Roof is mainly because solar shingle orientation is determined by the slope of your roof. Rack-mounted solar panels are able to be oriented for ideal solar generation, giving you higher energy bill savings. So, you could actually install a smaller traditional solar panel system (which means lower costs!) and still cover your electric bill.

    Learn more: Calculate how many solar panels you need for your home

    A review of Tesla Solar Roof technical specifications

    One of Tesla’s selling points for their Solar Roof is that they are durable and long-lasting. Here are some of the warranties and ratings for their solar shingles:

    Warranty/Rating typeWarranty/Rating
    Tile warranty25 years
    Power warranty25 years
    Weatherization warranty25 years
    Hail ratingUp to 1.75" diameter hail
    Wind ratingUp to 166 mph winds
    Fire ratingClass A UL 790 (highest fire rating)

    Tesla Solar Roof vs. hail

    The 25-year warranties meet the standard for most solar panels on the market. They are a little more durable than traditional solar panels when it comes to their hail and wind ratings.

    Most solar panels are tested for their strength against one-inch hail. While this is considered severe hail and is rare in many places, Tesla’s is tested to withstand 1.75-inch hail.

    Tesla Solar Roof vs. wind

    Most solar panels are rated to withstand wind of up to 140 miles per hour. That’s in the range of a Category 4 hurricane, which is pretty impressive. But Tesla went the extra mile (per hour) and built their Solar Roof to withstand 166 mph winds.

    Tesla won’t let you go off-grid

    While the shingles will withstand some impressive weather events, they do require a grid connection to power your home.

    Unfortunately, if you experience a power outage, your solar shingles will stop producing electricity until the grid is back online - unless it is paired with a solar battery. This also means you cannot install an off-grid Tesla Solar Roof.

    How to get a Tesla Solar Roof installed

    1. Order your roof + pay a deposit

    The first step to getting the Tesla Solar Roof installed is to order it on Tesla’s website. Simply enter your address and the amount of your average electric bill, and Tesla will give you a price estimate for your home. At this step, you can choose to include the Tesla Powerwall, the company’s energy storage option. However, it isn’t required to install Powerwall with the Solar Roof. You then pay a $400 deposit.

    2. Get a virtual assessment

    When you pay your deposit, Tesla will do a virtual assessment of your roof to make sure a Solar Roof can be installed. Tesla requires you to upload one of your electricity bills and provide some additional information about your home to complete their home assessment.

    3. Wait for permitting approvals

    Once the assessment is complete, you must wait for the proper permitting to be approved before beginning the installation process. This can take anywhere from one to five weeks - maybe longer - depending on your location.

    (Video) 1 Year with Tesla Solar Roof: top 11 questions answered + real production numbers & utility bills!

    4. Schedule the installation

    When the permits are approved, one of Tesla’s certified Solar Roof installers will schedule an installation date for your new roof. It should take about one week to install the Solar Roof, but this can take longer depending on how complex the project is.

    5. Get the roof inspected

    After the installation is complete, the roof will have to be inspected and approved to be interconnected to the grid by your utility. This can range from one to five weeks. Waiting for permitting, inspections, and interconnection could take a few months.

    Once the roof is inspected, you can download the Tesla app and monitor the system’s production!

    Note: There is also no way of knowing when an installer can get to your house to begin the Solar Roof installation. So, the complete timeline of how long it takes to get the Solar Roof installed ranges from one month to possibly over a year.

    Are the Tesla Solar Roof tiles worth it?

    Since Tesla raised their prices, installing a Tesla Solar Roof is now much more expensive than it has been in recent years. It really only makes sense to install the Tesla Solar Roof if you really want to have the Tesla product or you’re really in love with the Solar Roof aesthetic.It can also be a good choice for developers building brand-new luxury homes. Otherwise, it doesn’t really pan out financially because the Solar Roof doesn’t produce nearly as much electricity as regular solar panels.

    If you’re looking for a way to save the most on your electric bills, you’re much better off going with a traditional solar panel installation. Even if you also have to replace your roof, you’ll end up spending less by going with a conventional roof replacement and solar installation, and you’ll get better savings out of the solar panels.

    You should also keep Tesla’s reputation in mind if you’re considering the Solar Roof. While they are extremely popular for their electric cars, the historically low customer reviews for Tesla Energy suggest their after-sales customer service isn’t the best.

    In fact, it took almost two years from when the solar shingles were announced to when the first ones were installed, and there’s no official count of how many Solar Roofs are currently out there.

    In 2020, Tesla began canceling some orders for Solar Roof systems, claiming that the homes weren’t in Tesla’s service territory. More recently, they even upped the Solar Roof prices by over 30% for people who already signed Tesla contracts. So, it’s up to you to decide if the inconsistencies in Tesla’s customer service when it comes to the Solar Roof are worth it.

    Before you jump into ordering their Solar Roof product, you should get multiple quotes from solar installers in your area to make sure you’re getting the best price and quality for your solar panel installation.

    Check whether a solar installation would be worth it for you with our calculator

    Calculate Now

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    Key takeaways

    • Tesla’s Solar Roof integrates active solar shingle tiles that can produce solar energy with inactive shingles to create a roof that produces solar energy without any actual solar panels.
    • Tesla’s active solar shingles cost $1.80 per watt, which is lower than the current average cost of solar in the U.S.
    • The price of Tesla’s inactive shingles is about $20 per square foot of total roofing space but varies depending on the complexity of your roof.
    • A Tesla Solar Roof will cost somewhere between $30,000 and $90,000, which is more expensive than a traditional solar panel installation and roof replacement.
    • Tesla has a history of being unreliable when it comes to installing the Solar Roof, even canceling orders made years ago.


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