Tesla Solar Panels: Reviews, Services and Costs (2023) (2023)

Read our Tesla Solar panels review to determine whether the company’s solar roof or panels are a viable investment for your home.

Tesla may be known for revolutionizing the automotive industry through its economic electric vehicles (EVs), but does Elon Musk’s company do the same for solar energy? Since Tesla acquired SolarCity in 2016, the company has offered solar panel systems, including its unique solar roof, across the United States.

We at the Guides Home Team know that a solar power system is a serious investment. We determined the best solar companies in the United States through in-depth comparisons of each provider to national averages, customer review analysis and more. We have compiled our findings and recommendations about Tesla Solar in this easy-to-understand review.

Pros and Cons of Tesla Solar Panels

Here are a few highlights to consider about Tesla Solar:

ProsOffers solar shingles, which create a sleek, aesthetic solar PV systemOffers a solar panel price-match guaranteeUser-friendly mobile app provides 24/7 monitoring

ConsTesla’s warranty is vague and confusing when compared to other solar providers Customers have mentioned long wait times for installation and repairs

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Tesla Solar Panels History and State Availability

Tesla Energy started offering solar photovoltaic (PV) panels in 2016 with its acquisition of SolarCity, which had been in business for more than 10 years prior. Since then, Tesla has expanded availability for its solar services to homeowners nationwide. However, when speaking to the company, a representative told us that service areas vary in all 50 states according to zip code. Check with a Tesla Solar representative to determine whether the company offers its solar system installation services for your home.

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Tesla Solar Panel Options

Tesla’s minimalistic solar shingles stand out in the solar industry. These smaller panels with no visible grid can replicate the aesthetic of roof shingles for a low profile. When the panels are interlocked, they mimic the look of a standard roof.

The company also offers monocrystalline solar panel systems. It makes the process simple through its standardized sizes: small (12 panels), medium (24 panels), large (36 panels) and extra-large (48 panels). Monocrystalline solar panels are the most efficient panels on the market. Tesla’s panels produce 425 watts and feature an average efficiency rate of 19.6%. Its panels are also durable as they operate from minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Tesla also offers energy storage and an alternative solar power generator with its battery storage, the Tesla Powerwall. The Powerwall solar battery collects energy that your solar panels generate and stores it. This energy storage device provides backup power for your home during nighttime, low sunlight weather and power outages.

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Tesla Solar Installation and Services

Tesla handles every part of your solar system’s installation, from site inspection to Permission to Operate (PTO). Learn about the installation process with Tesla here:

  1. Site inspection: Tesla surveys your home and roof using remote aerial technology to measure its area and slope. You will work with the company at this time to determine the solar system size required to power your home.
  2. Design and permitting: A couple of steps occur before the installation. Tesla designs your system to fit your home’s structure and energy needs and works with any local institution, such as a utility commission, to obtain all necessary permits and paperwork.
  3. Installation: Once everything is prepared, you schedule an installation date with Tesla. You will have to be present at your house for the first hour of the installation process. The company claims it can finish the installation of its systems in one day. If you also ordered a home battery, your system will be activated and configured to produce only enough energy required to power your home and charge your Powerwall.
  4. Inspection: Tesla works with your local building department to arrange an inspection. This inspection ensures that the installed system meets all building codes and safety regulations.
  5. Activation: Once Tesla completes all the necessary paperwork with your local government, it receives a PTO notice for your system. Tesla claims this process may take anywhere between one and six weeks.

Other services offered by Tesla for its solar products include any repairs or replacements that must occur under its 10-year comprehensive warranty. This warranty applies to any Powerwall solar batteries, solar inverter and issues with roof leaks from the mounting system.

Tesla also offers a smartphone app to manage your Tesla solar system and any other Tesla products you own. This app allows you to monitor and control your solar panels, Powerwall battery and Tesla EVs into one user-friendly space. The Tesla app displays a real-time power flow, which shows how your Powerwall and solar system work together and sets custom preferences for how you want the system to generate and store solar energy.

Tesla Solar Panels Cost and Payment Options

Tesla provides a cost calculator online that estimates the cost of solar panels based on your address and average monthly electric bill. Tesla’s pricing falls toward the higher end of the average cost for solar panels. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the average price of a 6-kilowatt-hour (kWh) system ran between $16,000 and $21,000 in 2021.

We obtained quotes from Tesla for a 2,000-square-foot home in Dallas with an average monthly electric bill of $170. The roof space is approximately 2,329 square feet. Each price also includes one Tesla Powerwall, quoted at $10,000.

Tesla Solar Panel Warranties

All Tesla solar panels come with a 25-year performance guarantee and a 10-year comprehensive warranty. The comprehensive warranty covers repairs and replacements of any solar system components.

The 25-year performance guarantee states that the panels will perform for at least 80% of the manufacturer’s nameplate power capacity for at least 25 years. Other solar providers tend to offer performance guarantees with no power capacity conditions.

System SizeWattageEstimated PriceEstimated Price After Incentives
Small (12 panels)4.80 kW$20,147$14,909
Medium (24 panels)9.60 kW$29,794$22,048
Large (36 panels)14.40 kW$39,441$29,186
Extra-Large (48 panels)19.20 kW$49,088$36,325
Solar Roof (2,329 sq. ft.)14.12 kW$75,200–$87,400$57,800–$66,800

You can obtain a quote from Tesla Solar on its website after providing your home’s address and average monthly electricity bill. To obtain a more accurate estimate, you need to contact the company and undergo a virtual survey with a customer service representative. This process involves going over your energy needs and surveying your property through satellite.

Tesla customers always own their systems through a cash purchase or loan in select states.

  • Solar loan: You may obtain a solar loan with Tesla, in which you pay a monthly fee to own the system eventually. You still receive access to all solar incentives, and this function is similar to a home or auto loan.
  • Cash purchase: You may also purchase a Tesla solar system outright if you have the funds available. This approach is the most cost-effective payment option for a solar PV system because you avoid the interest from loans while benefiting from the tax credits of solar panel ownership.

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Tesla Solar Panel Reviews

Overall, Tesla Solar has mixed reviews on its Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile. However, these reviews are for all of Tesla’s products, not just its solar products. The company features an A+ rating and does not have accreditation.*

Critical reviews of Tesla’s solar panels mention communication and scheduling difficulties. Meanwhile, other customers praised the company for its solar system’s integration, equipment quality and savings.

We reached out to Tesla about these negative comments as well as about the vague language in the warranty and long wait times for service, but we had not received a reply as of the publication date of this article.

Read over some Tesla customers’ experiences below.

“The whole procedure was smooth and easy for me. Neal was an excellent advisor, clear, concise and knowledgeable. The installation company kept me up to date via email. It took very little effort on my part. My electricity bill has [been] $0.00 for the last three months!” —Randy W. via BBB

“After researching for months about switching to Solar Panels we decided to go with Tesla Energy Solar, it’s been really a good experience. Installation and City Permits[,] everything [was] done quick[ly] and so far so good. It’s been almost a [year] since we did it.” —Rocio A. via BBB

“I placed an order with Tesla to install solar panels on my house on 18Mar2021 and based on the agreement the solar system was supposed to be activated the latest in Jul2021 and as [of] today 22Jan2022 the solar system has not been activated. Tesla broke the agreement. After placing the order, I requested project timelines which I never received from Tesla. The solar panels were installed in September 2021.” —Juan R. via BBB

“We have Tesla solar panels. We were informed that our panels needed repair. This was done in August 0f 2021. We tried calling. Very hard to get [through] to them. When we did they told us [maintenance] would start in October of 2021, then they rescheduled for November 2021, then they rescheduled for December of 2021, they then rescheduled for January 3rd[,] 2022, then they rescheduled for January 28, 2022. When they showed up to do the work it took only [an] hour and a half.” —Jack M. via BBB

*Better Business Bureau information is accurate as of November 2022.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Tesla offers industry-standard solar systems in terms of efficiency and cost. The Tesla solar shingles and roof have a sleek approach to design, and the company provides a solid guarantee for its work. In addition, the Tesla Powerwall is one of the most reputable solar batteries on the market. Finally, the Tesla app makes controlling and monitoring your system approachable from anywhere at any time.

If you are more interested in renewable energy with higher performance and efficiency, you may want to consider a different solar installation company like SunPower. SunPower’s panels reach efficiency rates as high as 22%. You might also be more concerned about leasing a system than owning one, which other providers like Sunrun offer.

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On Average, Homeowners Save $5,000–$20,000 with Solar Panels

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Tesla vs. Competitors

Star RatingLocation PresenceSuperlativeBBB RatingLink
Tesla Energy


50 StatesOur pick for panel designA+Get Quote


50 StatesOur pick for most experienceA+Get Quote
ADT Solar


21 StatesOur pick for customer serviceA-Get Quote
Sunrun Solar


50 StatesOur pick for leasing optionsA-Get Quote





Tesla Energy
Star Rating


Location Presence50 States
SuperlativeOur pick for panel design
BBB RatingA+

Get Quote

Star Rating


Location Presence50 States
SuperlativeOur pick for most experience
BBB RatingA+

Get Quote

ADT Solar
Star Rating


Location Presence21 States
SuperlativeOur pick for customer service
BBB RatingA-

Get Quote

Sunrun Solar
Star Rating


Location Presence50 States
SuperlativeOur pick for leasing options
BBB RatingA-

Get Quote

Frequently Asked Questions About Tesla Solar Panels

Methodology: Our System for Ranking the Best Solar Companies

We collected data on dozens of solar companies and created a comprehensive rating system to formulate our rankings, grade each company and provide objective findings to our readers. The result of weighing a wide range of factors is a cumulative score for each provider.

We called companies and spoke with representatives to understand their products, services and solar installation processes. We also reviewed each company’s product, production and workmanship guarantees in detail, and we closely examined customer reviews to understand the customer service experience with each provider.

Tesla Solar Panels: Reviews, Services and Costs (2023) (8)

All company data is monitored on an ongoing basis so that all rankings and information remain up-to-date.

Once we gathered all relevant data, we used the following scoring system to grade each moving company on a 100-point scale:

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  • Solar services (25 points): Does the company provide in-house solar panel installation and battery backups? Can the company also monitor energy production and perform energy-efficiency audits to ensure system performance. The more options available, the higher the score.
  • Warranty options (15 points): Warranties for products, system output and workmanship and the length of these guarantees are significant factors in residential solar system performance. Warranties vary by company, so we score companies based on the number of options available. The more warranties a company offers, the higher the score it receives.
  • Availability (10 points): Most solar companies are not available nationwide. We award the most points to companies with the most extensive service area and state availability.
  • Experience (10 points): We rate solar companies based on the number of years they have worked within the industry. The more years a company has been in business, the higher the score.
  • Payment options (15 points): For each payment option the company provides, it receives more points. Options include purchase, loan, lease and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).
  • Reputation (10 points): We factor in each company’s score on the Business Better Bureau (BBB) and deduct points for any alerts or pending lawsuits.
  • Additional benefits (15 points): We evaluate solar companies based on added features and services such as a mobile app, virtual consultations, electric vehicle chargers and 24/7 live customer support. The more of these options a company provides, the more points it receives.


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