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Obesity In America

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Obesity in America

The United State obesity epidemic has become a national concern for the last 5 decades. A large number of individuals are not taking into consideration that it is a severe health threat that individuals can prevent; however, it seems people are not taking any effort. A lot of food in numerous places and diverse technology made for diverse reasons are causing individuals to discover their waistlines increasing. People claim their weight gain is as a result of a busy schedule. Individuals ought to begin doing something in their daily life to escape from becoming obese. More than 66% of United States adults have obesity (Healy, 2017). To understand the issue of obesity in America, it is necessary to analyze its effects and prevention measures.

It appears like today Americans are stressed over their weight like never before. With all the health clubs, and diet pills, one would assume that U.S. would be in a perfect shape; however, it is the direct inverse. The more assortments of unhealthy nourishments that are available and all the more alternate ways innovation are giving, the more Americans discover their waistlines increasing. Obesity is a major issue in the U.S. today. With every one of the inconveniences and stresses on the planet, obesity is rapidly turning into a critical issue to stress over. It can essentially be a life and death threatening situation. Parents who simply sit on a chair eating fries while setting a bad example to their kids, the schools that burn physical education (PE), the oily foods which fast food eateries give, and the significant food organizations that keep concocting new inventions to add to unhealthy decisions Americans make are only a couple of the many reasons for this rising epidemic (Dawes, 2014).

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Obesity is becoming worse as an ever-increasing number of individuals keep on eating themselves to a point where nothing can be done. Americans are actually eating themselves towards death and they are not realizing it. The state government keeps on warning that obesity is becoming a serious issue and something must be done. There are numerous choices in the present food and around half of America’s sustenance has been found to be unhealthy. It is difficult to settle on the decision between a fried chicken and pizza from McDonalds. Kids are taught that it is right to eat fast foods, and are not advised to eat vegetables, fruits, and other things that are deemed healthy. As these kids get older, they are unable to distinguish between healthy snacks and unhealthy food (Dawes, 2014). Soon, United State will discover that obesity has tremendously increased, and they will not be in a position to do something about it. If nothing will be done to stop obesity rates from skyrocketing, then the aftermath will be a number one killer.

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Obesity may not be blamed on a single thing; its causes are diverse. Of course engaging in a healthy diet is a definite manner to evade obesity. Studies have blamed the environment within which American’s live. There are a lot of food accessible, social gatherings encourage overeating, hotels compete amid them through offering bigger servings, plus technology has made people to be lazy as they do not engage in physical activity. Obesity is linked with numerous side effects to an individual’s life. So far, studies have discovered that obesity is among the leading cause of evadable death alongside smoking. According to American Obesity Association numerous insurance companies have coverage on behalf of obesity prevention as well as treatment. Obesity is associated with greater risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes, cancer, stroke, and cardiovascular illnesses. Healthcare practitioners allege that they are discovering something dangerous than type 2 diabetes among children aged 10 years (Eagle et al., 2012)

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For America to fight off this epidemic, children ought to learn how to engage in a healthy diet at a younger age. If children are given healthy food, as well as educated to consume healthy foods during their early age, then the chances are that they will continue with the same habit as they age and this has to begin with the parents or guardians (Eagle et al., 2012). If parents just sit on a sofa and consume high cholesterol foods then advise their kids to exercise and eat healthy is not going to reduce the obesity rate. Parents have to do away with sodas that have high sugar concentration and foods that have excess fat. Instead, they should have lots of vegetables and fruits. Parents have total control in what their kids consumes at their early age, however once the kids go to school, it becomes hard to regulate what the kids consume. Here is where the school comes into play. Standards need to be set with the kinds of food which are provided during school lunches.

Schools ought to educate students about the side effects of engaging in an unhealthy diet. America is well aware that obesity is becoming more and more serious, yet education facilities are encouraging students to engage in an unhealthy diet (Eagle et al., 2012). They allow food companies to set up vending machines filled with unhealthy foods and soft drink machines having drinks which are high in both calories and sugar whereas removing PE classes in their curriculum claiming they lack funds to support the program. Vending organizations are giving schools funds so that they can market their brand. It is as if vending companies are worried about making profit compared to stressing over this rising health epidemic occurring in the America.


Obesity may cause numerous problems in an individual’s daily life. Imagine attending a theater and it becomes impossible to fit into a sit or being forced to purchase two plane tickets since it is impossible to fit into one seat, however, imagine going in an open place and all eyes are on you. Obesity is associated with greater risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes, cancer, stroke, and cardiovascular illnesses. Obesity not only causes health problems, it also causes physiological and mental problems. With diverse choices available in America, and numerous marketing on behalf of unhealthy foods, people should not be surprised that obesity has skyrocketed to become one among the lethal problems in America today; a lethal problem which may be prevented. If nothing will be done right away, obesity will keep on putting many lives in jeopardy. To avoid becoming obese, one has to eat healthy, exercise as well as engage in healthy behaviors. No drugs can treat obesity. Thus, it is a personal responsibility towards engaging in a healthy lifestyle and keeping their body fit.


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