Harry Potter Wand Quiz - What Would Your Harry Potter Wand Look Like? (2023)

Welcome to Ollivanders Wand Shop. We have manufactured and made exquisite wands since 382 B.C. Every single wand is unique due to their differences in wood, wand cores, lengths and flexibility. Please be reminded that the wand chooses the wizard that it will work for. If you pick up one that doesn't suit you, your power will be greatly discounted. The wand will also be impressed by your characteristics and traits. Once it chooses its own master, it starts learning new things immediately and works best with its master very soon.

You are unique, so is your wand. It is your right-hand man and your most trusted buddy who needs care and protection. Therefore, you have to be careful when you are going to accept wizard duel. Don't not disregard the seemingly non-lethal disarming charm (Expelliarmus) or you will suffer. Well, that's all I want to say. Let's us move on to take a closer look at the performance of our first wand today...

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    • Ignoring the opinion from Sorting Hat, which house do you want to go to?





    • There's always loads of stuff to buy before the school year begins. You will...

      Plan everything beforehand and set a budget. Make sure that there's nothing missing.

      Go to Diagon Alley and see how things go.

    • You are finally on the train to Hogwarts! How are you going to spend time on train?

      I prefer staying alone and I don't wish to meet anyone during my trip.

      I will stay with the wizards I've met and chat with them.

      Staying alone or being accompanied is the same, as I will keep silent all the time.

    • Professor McGonagall wants you to speak on behalf of the new students. How do you feel?

      I will feel super pressured and respectfully decline her invitation.

      I will feel like I'm on cloud nine as it's honourable!

    • You back to the lounge after a long busy time and your friend is arguing with other roommates about bedspaces. You will...

      Understand every detail of the whole incident and be a fair judge.

      Support your friend even though he/she may be wrong.

      Be an outsider and observer instead of getting involved.

    • The lounge is a bit messy after holiday. What will you do?

      Clean and tidy it up. Organise everything.

      Pay no attention to the chaos as you believe in 'order within disorder'.

    • Do you enjoy the thrilling flying lesson?

      Flying freely in the sky is just amazing!

      It's way too dangerous and I may hurt my neck!

      I'm a bit scared but am interested in it.

    • It's time for the killing potions class! You are required to brew a potion for biting treatment. You will...

      Seek help from experienced seniors so that I will not make any mistake.

      Deduce the possible formula from the textbook and add something new into it.

    • You are required to complete a group essay. Which option do you prefer?

      I want to be the group leader and I love group work.

      I prefer doing it separately and combining everything together later.

    • When writing the essay, you wish you group-mates can...

      Use more authentic examples and be logically, so that the essay will be more reliable.

      Directly tell me if my idea is feasible as what we want is a well-written essay.

    • There are dissension among your group during discussion. What will you do?

      I am not afraid of arguing and I will pinpoint the drawbacks of their ideas.

      I will make some concession as I hate feeling awkward.

    • Your team get an F on the essay even though you have done your utmost to the project. You will...

      Argue with the professor and question whether his scoring is fair.

      Just leave it. Maybe it's my problem and I don't want to argue with anyone.

    • Knowing that you're in a bad mood, Hagrid invites you for tea in his hut. However, you've planned to finish your Potion assignment this afternoon. You will...

      Refuse to his invitation and arrange another time with him.

      Accept his invitation as I really need to vent my anger, but I will make sure that I have enough time to finish the assignment.

      Just go! The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry!

    • The new Minister for Magic gives a long speech. How do you feel?

      Frankly speaking, I don't quite understand her speech as I am not good at language.

      I may be able to retrieve her ulterior motives and innuendoes, or even figure out the influence of the new polices through her speech.

    • Do you think Divination class is just gibberish?

      Probably. It seems to be a course filled with clear fabrications and non-existent conjectures that make me hard to understand.

      Absolutely not! It's my cup of tea and I enjoy fantasizing and envisioning the future!

    • You've made some wizard friends. When do they find you usually?

      When they have problem on assignment, they usually seek help from me.

      When they encounter relationship matters or bad experience, they usually turn to me for advice as I am supportive.

    • It's now the end-of-year exam! What will you do usually?

      Start revision one or two days before the exam.

      Exam is something that I will not worry about as I start exam revision months before the exam and strictly follow the schedule.

    • Tap twice on the green area below to stop the two balls in sequence:

    • Lovely. Now, rest you fingers...


    • Tap twice on the green area below to stop the two balls in sequence. Try to place the balls in the middle of the cross this time.


    • 0001111_13_26197_15_19143-5_97Perform DutiesHonest and nobleYou are an honest, straightforward person who put emphasis on evident and facts. You perform every task and duty to the best of your ability. Being pragmatic and down-to-earth, you attracted a thick wand that also has its own dreams and pursuits. It is as responsible as you and is always ready to step forward bravely to fight. Therefore, it is a loyal and faithful wand. Whoever steal it will pay a staggering price. Its core is a perfect match to you as both of you are determined and will never dilly dally. Interestingly, it can automatically tell if somebody hate you and will classify them as your enemies.Holly is particularly rare and stiff, but when it is casting spelling, it is dexterous and powerful. It is loyal and works most happily for those determined and noble wizards, who are engaged in spiritual quest. Harry Potter’s wand is exactly made out of holly. Having high sense of responsibility and being talented just like Harry Potter, you always set yourself extra tasks. You will blame yourself if you cannot complete them. Holly wood is traditional considered as protective and can help overcome your bad temper. A thestral tail hairis used as a wand core. No one knows exactly its true utility and potentials, but it’s as powerful as you can imagine. It may also bring you unexpected surprise. The faithful, well-behaved and determined, you can considered to be an Auror.
    • 0001018_33_3964_9_1713_6_9_11_129An ArtisanQuick-witted and funnyEveryone knows your talents at just a glance. You feel the world with your eyes and create it with your hands. If Fred and George Weasley know you, they must invite you to their joke shop Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes! Why? Because you are talented, pragmatic, creative and have great problem solving skills. Therefore, this brave and humorous wand can be your great source of inspiration. Being energetic and optimistic, this core can ensure that you perform exceptionally well even under crisis. Your wand does not enjoy going by the number, and refuses to make long-term commitments. Just like you, it lives in the moment.Beech is eccentric. It loves playing around and their true matches are wizards with interesting personalities. It can cast powerful spells even under extreme conditions or challenging situations. Therefore, the brainy and creative you is its perfect match. Fred Weasley had created numerous fanciful and strange knick knackswith beech. However, you are not sentimental. You can be regard as an introvert and can be close-minded. Unicorn tail hair is sentimental, which can offset your emotional weaknesses. Your wand is energetic and a bit hyperactive. Because it hates feeling bored, it usually direct you to adventures. Therefore, remember to control and train your wand better!
    • 000017_31_3325_16-1713-5_7_137A SafeguarderHonourable and courageousYou seem to be very changeable. You are an introvert who like to be quiet, but are also willing to make friends. You want a stable and safe life, but you are willing to go for adventures. You are moody, but you are also determined and reliable. Although you sound contradictory, but you are friendly and kind. Your holy and pretty wand is made out of an ancient tree. It excels at medical treatment and is willing to help people. It is faithful to you and is extremely patient. The wand core is gentle. Consider that you tend to avoid direct conflict, your wand acts less powerful. But it can also inspire you more!Ash is stiff and unyielding. It is faithful and clung to its true owner. Cedric Diggory from Hufflepuff used it to perform extraordinarily well in an adventure. Due to its special nature, wand made out of ash should not be passed on or gifted to the others, because it will lose power. This tendency is especially valid if the wand core is constructed of unicorn hair! Ollivander admitted that part of this old rhyme, ‘rowan gossiped, chestnut droned, ash was stubborn, hazel moaned’ is true and valid. The true master of this wand is wizards or witches who will never sway away from their beliefs or purposes, and who are never crass or arrogant.
    • 0000021_28_34_374010_16_1863_6_9_11_123An ArtistimaginativeYour world is colourful and sensational. Even noise with no meaning is mellifluous. Your vivid imaginations and curiosity attract a wand that enjoys creation. It is an introvert like you who seems plain and ordinary, but when it starts playing magic, it amazes all your schoolmates! People who know you are deeply attracted by your charisma. If they are closer to you, they will know more about your talents and great sense of art. You are sensitive and keep pursuing freedom and romance. Therefore, you wand core is also sentimental. It may makes you more moody and it needs adequate encouragement and support.Rosewood is exceptionally beautiful and valuable. Since it has a long-lasting and strong fragrance, which persists over the years, it is given the name of a flower. Rosewood is like an attractive and sentimental young girl. Fleur Delacour’s wand was made out of it. The artistry you who pursue freedom is the perfect match of it. Dragon heartstring as the wand core prevents the wand of being too emotionally fragile and vulnerable. It also empowers you to travel further. Although the world places high expectation on you, don’t pressure yourself too much. Too much competition will just deprive your beauty.
    • 0010123_31_353616-1851-3_6_143A ProtectorNever stop fightingYou are a wizard with noble ideas in your mind. Curing patient and rescuing the weak seems to be your innate responsibilities. Being detail-oriented and treating people kindly and friendly, you attract the wand that is sensitive and easygoing. When you are taking care of the other wizards, your wand is also taking good care of your fragile and sensitive mind. Ollivander said that the owner of this wand is popular and always welcomed because you love helping people around. The wand core has the same characteristics as you possess - unique but friendly. However, it can be a bit childish sometimes, which is quite annoying. Therefore, you always have to do many leftover troubles. If you feel exhausted and tired, remember to spend time and communicate with it.Grapevine is one of the only two trailing plants, symbolizing recovery. It is flexible and spring, with a silence and mystery appearance. It cares more about your personalities with hidden depths instead of judging you from your appearance. Grapevine never feels tired and always motivates you. Hermione Granger, who is smart and has been an active promoter of house-elf rights, was once its owner. In terms of the wand core, thunderbirdtail feather suits your warm and friendly personality. Since both you and your wand strive for perfection, it may be a bit tough when you are learning spells. Yet, practices make perfect. Your good spell-casting skills can definitely amaze the world.
    • 001003_13_30_4245_9_1224_5_7_1313An idealistExceptionally talentedYour school should set up language courses just for you! If you learn more languages, you can help us communicate with those bad-tempered centaurs! You can never hide your dazzling strengths. Your wand appreciates your talent in language expression and your magnanimity. It is good at casting defensive spells and it is determined. Because of its characteristics, it prevents you from being distracted by your emotions and help you concentrate. Your wand core quests for perfection and dreams, which resonates with you magically. By the way, do consider my advise, the support of the centaurs is extremely important to us.Alder is unyielding. Although the ideal owners of most of the wands are wizards or witches that have same characteristics, it is not the case for alder. It is stubborn and obstinate, but you are helpful and most likeable. You have everything that an idealist has, generous, open-minded and friendly. Alder was best suited tonon-verbal spell. You language skill, therefore, is what it requires. Your personal traits and talents also attract phoenix feather. Yet, phenix feather is a bit dominated and may cast spell on its own. Therefore, you need to be concentrated and mentally strong. Being self-doubting and emotional can never win the heart of your wand. But if you can, it will be very faithful.
    • 0011115_33_44144_5_17124_5_10_1310A ScholarExcellent and elegantThe wizarding school is so lucky that it can have you the talent to join them. You have a rational and objective mind, attracting a stiff yet flexible wand. This honourable and decisive wand is picky and has high expectations towards everything, which means that it’s a bit arrogant as well. Those ordinary wizards will find it hard to manipulate, but congratulations! You are the chosen one and it will witness and make huge achievements together with you. Since the wand core is relatively more gentle, your wand is therefore less haughty than it sounds. With the help of this wand, you can even try some transfiguration spells since they are much easier now!Elder is the rarest wand wood of all. Although it’s very tricky to master, its unlimited power deeply attract those remarkable wizards. It is not interested in those ordinary and incapable wizards. It has not encountered its ideal master for long time, and surprisingly, it chooses you to be its owner now! Perhaps you are exceptionally talented and are going to have an unusual life. Being rational and talented seems to be contradictory, but they interweave harmoniously on you. Salazar Slytherin once owned this wand and cast fantastic spells. Now, it is going to accompany you and help you make great achievement! However, the dark arts may take advantage of it extraordinary power. Control your impulsiveness and you will have your bright future.
    • 001101_7_164613_15_1963-5_9_103A ThinkerNever be mediocreMotivated by your exceptional talents and curiosity, you are always exploring the world. Logically complexed courses with endless possibilities, such as potion and transfiguration courses, are as easy as ABC to you. You can deduce patterns from all those weird theories. You don’t like being mediocre and are opened to take up challenges. Therefore, a wand that is as creative as you is your soul mate. It is your best friend that it does not only calm you down, but also encourages and leads you to continue your journey. Made from a miserable and unique element, this wand core symbolises you as a charming lone wolf. Because of your talent, a spell invented by you unexpectedly may be included in our textbooks later as well!The rare yew wood is stiff yet flexible and springy. Their ideal matches were likewise unusual. Ollivander said that ordinary and timid wizards will never be its owners. Voldemort’s first wand was made out of yew. It was said that those who used yew wands were more likely to be attracted to the Dark Arts than another, but it is untrue. You are creative, objective and open-minded, yet you may be in deep water if you strive too much for perfection. The wand core is composed of dragon heartstring which can help you overcome the challenges. Although wand made out of yew is very powerful and can cast the best spells, dragon heartstring is not sensitive towards emotions. You may be a bit indifferent and self-isolation, but it also means that you are going to have a remarkable and extraordinary life.
    • 0101011-12_25278_9_1113_6_11_143An ActorAn AdventurerBeing sociable and diplomat, you are born to be in the spotlight. You enjoy the present, including the dramatic and unexpected events. Therefore, your designated wand also enjoy excitement! You are not as unconcerned as you seem to be. In fact, you never miss a single emotion, which is why divination and legilimency can be your favourite course and practice. As I said before, your wand also like going on adventures and enjoy learning by doing. But the downside of your wand is that it’s a bit arrogant, which means that it cannot cast those simple spells powerfully.The pliant mahogany is famous of its excellence in transfiguration. The handle of theNimbus 2000broomstickwas also made of it. It loves freedom and is courageous. Mahogany likes working with innovative and audacious wizards and witches. James Potter, father of Harry Potter, was once chosen, and now, it is zeroed in on you! You are a determined wizard who pay attention to the current moment and walk the walk. Because of that, wand made out of mahogany wood Is willing to serve you. Having unicorn tail hair as its core, you are equipped with more considerable insight, which unleashes your abilities in social occasions. However, having no plan is not always a good thing as you may face unexpected risk - the price of your adventure.
    • 0101112_16_24323_4_1167_8_10_1311A GuardianImperator who safeguard the nationYou are the vivid definition of “famous” and “popular” not without reason. Everyone likes spending time with loyal, friendly, warm-heartedness and easygoing people just like you! Your wand, as a result, possesses all these characteristics! It enjoys casting spells in front of people and always wants to be praised and recognised. You seems to be considerate but you have your principles and limits. Sometimes you even refuse to make changes. You wand is acutely mindful of this point and is trying to open your mind. It guides you to know more about this world and hopefully can inspire you to be more creative and accepting.The unusual yet high attractive silver lime is supple and bendy. Silver lime wand was a highly fashionable wand that every wizards desperately wanted one in the nineteenth century. Since the demand outstripped supply, many unethical wand makers dyed substandard wand to fool purchasers into believing that they purchased a real silver lime. Although silver lime was popular at that time, those high-quality authentic pieces had long been a rarity. Being responsible, silver lime loves practical people. It is a bit sensitive and shows vulnerability when facing questions and doubts. Fortunately, the tough and strong thunderbirdtail feather as wand core makes up for this blind side, building you self-confidence. By the way, this wand is skilled in Legilimency, but be carefully when you are using it.
    • 010005_13_17433_10_1361-3_9_129A PerformerHave your own unique styleIf f Lockhart is awarded the Most Charming Smile Award, you will then be given the Best Actor Award! The world is your stage that you are the protagonist and your every movement catches our attention. You are the ideal owner of this wand which is made out of beautiful and aesthetic wood. It appreciates your good taste and groundbreaking personal style. Its unique core is a raising star and wants take special journey. However, life is not always sunshine and rainbows. You may forget your responsibilities and goals for the sake of the moment of pleasure. If that happens, you wand may go astray.The beautiful and exquisite sycamore loves questing. It loses its talents and colour if there is no new stimuli. Its ideal owner should be adventurous, innovative and vital. Therefore, the aesthetic, bold and adorable you is exactly its perfect match. When you two are staying together, new inspirations always emerge. You will never feel bored if you are with sycamore. Having dragon heartstring as wand core can help you perform better and more outstanding. However, your wand is a bit emotion and does not like coming into collision with other wizards. You will find it bursting into flame in your hand because of the tedious potion courses.
    • 0100124_30_16293_11_1854_7_8_138The accountable正义之师RighteousnessYou regard tradition, order, right and wrong, and crime and punishment as important. As a leader, you set good examples, and make an all-out effort to gather your team closely together. Having your feet on the ground, you attract the wand of power and courage. Its impressive and powerful core is your right-hand man in organising events and uniting people. However, it has a one-track mind and can be overwhelmed by unexpected situation. If you care what others think, you will feel even more distressed.The springy and hard English oak is also called King of the Forest from the winter solstice up until summer solstice. As a noble wood, it requires its owner to be of strength, courage and fidelity. It is your faithful and loyal partner. It is rumoured that Merlin’s wand was made out of it. English oak is as honest, direct and determined as you. It loves to be a leader and working as a team. The powerful dragon heartstring core is a perfect match to this wood. However, since both of them are not sentimental and considerate, you may find yourself hard to express your feelings or be empathy. Therefore, I suggest you to practice those long spells more. It may helps your to cast spell more effectively.
    • 011004_17_25457_9_1021-3_6_93An inspirerLive freely without fearYou have aspirations of freedom and enjoy the current moment of joy and excitement. Yet, it does not mean that you will escape from reality. You concentrate on work during daytime. After work, you ride on your mount and travel around. Your wand knows your talents and always appreciates your crazy but interesting ideas. It’s a durable, warm-coloured wand who never blames you for being messy occasionally. Its sensible core can always provide insights to you. Although it’s considerate and enthusiastic, under its influences, you may be a bit over-optimistic. Also, since it does not like learning repetitive and boring spells, you need to spend more time and be more patient in learning those elementary basic spells.The elegant and adorable willow is supple and springy, symbolising happiness and kindness. It usually picks up owner with the most potential. Ron Weasley is our barrel of laughs whose second wand was also made out of willow, and it assisted him to complete the whole journey with Harry Potter. Maybe you have not yet realise your full potential, but willow has already noticed your quest of creativity and freedom. It will help you find your interests and ignite your imagination! With this wand, you will be just like Ron, catching everybody’s attention and earning universal respects. This exciting moment also attract phoenix feather to be your wand core. Yet, possessing such a perfect and pretty wand may stress you to be more demanding and harsh, which means that you are less likely to feel satisfied.
    • 0110116_22_26107_9_1713_6_9_1212A GiverInspire the WorldThe charming you are passionate about the world. A wise principal may also have appointed you to be their professor. You enjoy inspiring others and driving progress. The world becomes better because of you while you also gain glories and satisfactions. Your wand is as reliable as you are. It shares weal and woe with you. This wand will not cast any shameful and vicious spell. Having a gentle core, it is your protector and prevents you from being too aggressive. I believe that everyone will be strongly impressed by your personality.Ollivander said that if cypress manages to pick you as its ideal master, you are always honoured. The most respectful Remus Lupin died a heroic death in the Battle of Hogwarts. He was once recognised by cypress and scarify his life for justice. But no worries, we are now living in peace. The unicorn hair as wand core represents your good leadership skills. Uniting and motivating people around you are you source of happiness and source of your wand energy. But don’t forget to take a good rest. Do not spend all your time chasing only the noble and prestige goals. After all, you will still live a happy life.
    • 011103_9_20415_16_1764_5_7_10_134An All-roundedDistinctive and uniqueYour predecessors were all outstanding creators in history, especially Salazar Slytherin. Some of them are also extraordinary orators. Similar to them, you like blazing a new trail and are also ambitious. Hence, you attract a powerful, determined and nimble wand that is more knowledgable than you are. Possessing this wand means that you acquire spells faster and better. Although this wand is powerful, it is also more difficult to control. Thanks to the gentle, courteous and miserable core, it can reconcile conflicts between you and the wand. Even though you are a bit indifferent and intolerant, you wand is attentive enough. With this wand, you can be more creative and innovative.Snakewood is stiff and powerful in spell casting. Wandmakers normally do not make wand with it, except being requested by some gifted and special wizards, such as Salazar Slytherin. You are a typical Slytherin, weird, unexpected and attractive. You are also innovative and your words always amaze everyone. Honestly, you should start considering writing for Xenophilius Lovegood’s The Quibbler! The honourable and persevering dragon heartstring is the core of you wand, helping you to visualise your goals. You will notice that you cannot concentrate when you are casting traditional spells. Therefore, learn how to communicate with this powerful wand. Once it recognises you, your reputed and great future is guaranteed.
    • 011112_39_23443_7_19117-10_1312A LeaderMap out strategiesYou can be good at Quidditch, but you are more excel at forming the best Quidditch team; You may be skilful in brewing potions, but you are more keen on teaching others how to brew it. No one hate winning, but winning is nothing to you. What more crucial to you are leaderships and challenges. It’s such an exceptional that you can be energetic, carefully, rational and cruel at the same time! As an outstanding leader, you are chosen by an appealing and winsome wand. It stands out from the other wands and love taking up challenges. The core is a bit egotistical, which may make you more stubborn and overbearing. Therefore, you should also learn to control your emotions or express your feelings. This wand can definitely help you cast spells better.Although walnut is stiff, it casts spells briskly and powerfully. According to Ollivander, highly intelligentwitchesandwizardsusually try a walnutwandfor trial first, because in nine cases out of ten, the two will find in each other their ideal mate. Bellatrix Lestrange's wand was made out of walnut. However, she went astray and wasted such a powerful weapon. Walnut cannot be said as rare, but it scarcely pairs up with dragon heartstring. Because of the extreme dominance of this wood, the core is generally stoic and gentle. But you are so special that such a strong and powerful wand want you to be successful. Snallygaster Heartstring is different from dragon heartstring. Though both of them are difficult to handle, yours is more knowledgable and resourceful. It tends to work with leaders who like taking up challenges .
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