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For restaurant owners, bakers, confectioners and even mothers, food packaging ia an integral part of the kitchen. For dine-in or takeaway restaurants, this packaging for food needs to be impressive because it will be the first thing the customers will see. We have a variety of boxes, window boxes and bags to pack your food items in.

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Food Packaging Melbourne

Browse Packqueen For The Best Food Packaging in Melbourne

Are you looking for food packaging in Melbourne which not only looks great, but is super practical too? Here at PACKQUEEN, we have a huge range of products for you to package your food in style, available in a variety of colours. Without creative input, we believe that an empty box is just an empty box, so we pride ourselves on creating food packaging which delivers on the aesthetics, and keeps your food looking perfect.

Food packaging is an integral part of the kitchen, whether you're a restaurant owner or a bakery owner. That's why we've spent time designing packaging to suit a wide range of food products, from pizzas to noodles to donuts. We're sure we don't need to tell you that your food packaging needs to look impressive, as it's the first thing the customer sees. So, if you're looking for fantastic food packaging supplies in Melbourne, look no further than PACKQUEEN.

Why Buy Dessert Boxes & Platter Boxes at PACKQUEEN?

Our PACKQUEEN food packaging in Melbourne is stylish yet practical, with options to suit all tastes and budgets. We stock a huge range of products so we're sure to have exactly what you're looking for. Whether you need a set of window boxes for your macaroons, or some simple clear resealable bags (in a variety of sizes), we'll have something for you. Posting a cake to someone special and want to be sure it gets there in one piece? Try one of our cardboard boxes! They're sturdy and stylish, perfect for shipping across the country.

As well as being practical and cost-effective, our food packaging supplies come in several colours. Many of our products also come in a wide range of colours for you to choose from at no extra cost. And if you still can't find quite the perfect design, head over to our custom quote page and let us help you make your own design idea happen. Alternatively, drop an email to Try our PACKQUEEN packaging today, and your food products will have never looked better.

We also offer wholesale pricing for bulk orders; you'll get more for your money in the long run. All of our PACKQUEEN (leading custom packaging) products are Australia-made and suitable for posting, so we're confident your new food packaging will reach you in top condition. For the best food packaging supplies in Melbourne, check out PACKQUEEN’s products today.

Order Your Food Packaging Supplies in Melbourne Today

If you're struggling to find the perfect food packaging supplies Melbourne, or just don't know where to start looking, fill in the form on the left of this webpage and let us match our packaging to your products. We'd love to help you in any way we can. Our friendly team are available between 8.30am and 4pm Monday to Friday: call us on 03 8689 9344 or drop an email to

Still undecided? You're welcome to order a sample product, to give us a test run before you commit to a full purchase. We recommend doing this to check you've definitely got the correctly sized packaging for your food products. Click here for more info.

At PACKQUEEN we also care about our environment. We offer eco-friendly biodegradable cake packaging as well as sustainable food packaging.

We hope to hear from you soon!

We have food packaging supplies that have been designed specifically for certain items. PACKQUEEN have cake boxes, pizza boxes, carry packs, food trays and lunch bags. For food items that look attractive on their own we have boxes with windows or transparent plastic lids that can be opened which are perfect for cupcakes and macaroons and chocolates. PACKQUEEN also have paper bags with a window as well which can hold coffee beans, cookies and more. We also have packaging that is perfect for caterers who need food trays or boxes for salad packaging, pastry packaging, and so much more.

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PACKQUEEN's range of noodle boxes are perfect for Asian restaurants for easy home delivery. Our hamper trays are fantastic for packaging multiple food items as a gift pack. With so many events at Christmas, we have everything you need to get through the silly season.

The variety of colors, designs and sizes available is immense. Customers can also order the products that have been manufactured from recycled paper. We have food packaging online for every occasion and purpose. Please note that you may also opt for our custom boxes if you can't find the perfect size box for your needs.

PACKQUEEN can ship your order of food packaging supplies anywhere around Australia so if you need a food packaging supplier in Sydney we can help! If you are looking for Melbourne packaging supplies head straight to us! Need food packaging in Brisbane? Get in touch to see how we can help! Our huge range and quality food packaging products will ensure that your customers are satisfied.

Are You Trying To Source Great Food Packaging In Australia?

Well, you may have just found it. PACKQUEEN is Australia’s foremost packaging specialist dealing in storage and packing solutions for almost everything you can think of. We are a completely Australian owned and operated company that delivers all throughout the country. We work regularly with some of the biggest global brands such as Disney, Spotify, PWC and Rugby Au. We pride ourselves on providing environmentally conscious, cost-effective food packaging to our Australian customers that outstrips our competition.

A Wide Range of Take Away Food Packaging and Cardboard Food Containers

If you produce or sell food or consumables, then food packaging is an aspect of your business, you simply can’t ignore. Any degradable products must be stored and transported in packaging that will preserve their condition at all times. If they are not, then you may find it harder to sell products that have been damaged or degraded in transit or in storage. Luckily you can find outstanding food packaging solutions online from PACKQUEEN. We offer an ever-growing range of packaging for everything you can think of. We can provide donut and cake boxes, pizza boxes, ziplock pouches, bombonieres, cake stands, carry packs, lunch boxes and food-grade tissue paper. Whatever line of work you are involved in, if it involves making, transporting or selling food products, then you need to check out what PACKQUEEN can offer you.

How To Order A Food Packaging Sample Box

We always recommend that our customers order a sample of any new box or packaging they would like to purchase in larger quantities. It is important to make certain that the box you order will meet the dimensions and protection demanded of its contents. Ordering samples also allows you to trial what your box will look like when you send your products to clients. To order a sample, simply click on the product you are interested in. Click on the ‘sample request’ button. Once you are happy with your sample, add the sample to your shopping cart and proceed to secure checkout. Fill in the required details and review the sample and shipping costs. When you are happy to finalise your order simply complete your payment. Samples are normally delivered within three business days.

Spread Your Brand With Printed Food Packaging

If you are looking for the widest and most versatile range of food packaging in Australia, then you simply have to check our PACKQUEEN and see the quality products that we have on offer. Most of our food packaging is customisable, which means that you can print your own logo or branding onto your boxes in high quality. Doing so will help increase your reputation and spread your brand. If you would like to include your own design on your packaging, or if you would like to enquire about a custom piece of packaging then contact our design team, and they will be happy to help realise your ideas. At PACKQUEEN, we have first-hand experience of growing a brand from modest beginnings, and we would love to help you grow your business too!

Do You Need Quality Dessert Boxes?

You would be hard-pressed to find somebody who doesn’t have a sweet tooth of some kind or another. Even the most prudent eater is partial to the occasional pastry or cupcake. When it comes to storing or transporting sweet things, excellent packaging is a must. At PACKQUEEN, we specialise in top-quality packaging solutions for practically anything you can think of. We supply some of the biggest brands and global names such as Disney, PWC, Spotify and Rugby Au with bespoke custom packaging, and we are happy to offer the same excellent services to you. We aim to provide an outstanding service that doesn’t break the bank, we like to keep our overheads low, and that translates into low overheads for our customers too. If you need standout dessert packaging, then you have come to the right place!

Excellent Dessert Packaging You Can Rely On

Whether you are preparing for a charity bake sale, planning a big corporate event or you are starting your very own homegrown bakery operation, you can find all of the dessert packaging that you need here at PACKQUEEN. We sell outstanding packaging that will keep your sugar and baked goods secure and looking delicious. We stock everything you’re looking for, such as:

  • Cupcake boxes
  • Cake boxes
  • Cake stands
  • Macaron boxes
  • Donut boxes
  • Cookie boxes
  • Pastry boxes
  • Chocolate boxes

All of our dessert packaging comes in a wide variety of different sizes and configurations. Want to include your brand or a personalised message on your boxes? No problem. We offer high-quality custom printing on boxes and labels. You can submit your very own design, and we will print it for you, adding an extra layer of professionalism and detail to your dessert boxes, making them stand out from the rest.

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What To Consider Before Purchasing Confectionery Boxes

Before you commit to a particular type of packaging for your desserts, there are several questions you should consider. Is it sturdy enough to bear the weight of the goods I want to store or transport? It is composed of durable greaseproof material? Is it recyclable and do I have to buy in bulk? At PACKQUEEN, you will find Australia’s largest selection of versatile, environmentally conscious packaging. We pride ourselves on our products that are composed of recycled material. We offer low order thresholds on all of our packaging so that you can order the quantity you want instead of ordering extra products you have no need of. If you are looking to buy in bulk then you are in luck, we offer great discounts when you buy packaging in larger quantities.

Box Up Your Desserts With The Leading Packaging Company In Australia

If you are in the market for superior dessert boxes, then you simply have to see what PACKQUEEN has to offer. You can order samples of any products you find on our online catalogue that take your interest to make sure you are happy to place an order. Get in touch with us today; we’d love to hear from you.

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