10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (2023)

Looking for the best women’s walking shoes for Plantar Fasciitis?Don’t worry because we’ve created a complete selection of top-quality shoes which will help you manage all of your foot issues.

Walking is an extremely beneficial exercise, however, it is essential to use legitimate equipment before getting to the gym.

This can boost your performance significantly however, it can all go down when you’re not wearing appropriate gears.Keep an eye on the shoes you wear because they’re crucial when it comes to this.

Plantar Fasciitis has a diverse effect on your walking ability. Thereby, it can affect your overall posture a lot. It normally begins with a striking pain in the back of your feet. However, it can progress into severe pain throughout your feet.

Furthermore, with the pain worsening, your feet’ adjustment falls out of alignment as it tries to adjust to a more relaxing and comforting setting. This is not a good practice and can have bad effects on your body for an extended time.

Therefore, we have made a detailed list of the best walking shoes you can find online for your ease.

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10 Best Men’s Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis




10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (1)10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (2)

Orthofeet Sprint Orthopedic Men’s Sneakers

  • Superior Comfort
  • leather
  • Orthotic Insoles

10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (3) 10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (4)

Gravity Defyer G-Defy Ion Athletic Shoes

  • VersoShock Sole
  • Slip Resistant
  • Removable Insoles

10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (5)

Orthofeet Lava Stretch-Knit Athletic Shoes

  • Superior Cushioning
  • Orthotic Friendly
  • Anatomical Arch Support

10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (6)

Gravity Defyer G-Defy Mighty Walk

  • Absorbs Shock
  • Removable Insoles
  • Front Rocker Sole

10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (7)

New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoes

  • Rubber Sole
  • Classic Leather
  • ABZORB Cushioning

10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (8)

Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoes

  • Rubber Sole
  • Imported
  • Lightweight

10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (9)

Rockport Men’s Chranson Walking Shoe

  • Synthetic Sole
  • Shock Absorption
  • Imported

10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (10)

New Balance Men’s 877 V1 Walking Shoes

  • ABZORB Midsole
  • Rubber sole
  • Imported

10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (11)

Vionic Men’s Walker

  • EVA Technology
  • Rubber sole
  • Active Motion System

10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (12)

Brooks Running Addiction Walker

  • Synthetic Sole
  • Slip Resistant
  • Soft Cushioning

#1- Orthofeet Sprint Orthopedic Men’s Sneakers Editor Choice

10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (13)



Available For

Orthofeet has made its name throughout the international marketplace and is renowned for its ability to deliver as per the requirements of its customers. For example, regardless of what you’re looking for in terms of the most comfortable orthopedic shoes, slippers, or any other footwear.

However, Orthofeet has recently been on a high about in manufacturing the Perfect walking shoes.

With the ever-growing population, we have also become victims of multiple problems and diseases. Plantar Fasciitis is one of them and a harrowing one.

If you’re one of those who suffer from it and need a suitable cushioning, relaxed, and laid-off feeling as you put on your footwear, you need these shoes in your life.

These Sneakers come off as a fantastic option for modern men who need both functionality and style.

Further, it has a vast number of footwear technologies patented into its name, ranging from the Innovative Ortho-Cushion System to the Orthofeet Advantage, which has had exemplary results for many customers.

These Men’s Sneakers come with a new trend of the 60-Day Wear Test, which has had hype all around the customers. Does any brand give you the opportunity of 60 days to adjust and be satisfied with it?

Thereby, this speaks of the confidence they showcase with their products. Moreover, a money-back guarantee is something that provides even further assurance of how much the company cares for its customers.


  • It is an ideal match for people with various foot sensitivity issues
  • It also comes with a 60-Day Wear Test by the company
  • It has an anatomical foot arch support and ergonomic soles
  • The balance and stability is maintained while walking


  • Despite idealness for sensitivity, its appearance is not up to everyone’s preference
  • It is not recommended for people with wide feet

#2- Gravity Defyer G-Defy Ion Athletic Shoes Best Slip Resistant Shoes Best Seller

10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (14)

Gravity Defyer


Available For

G-Defy stands for its name and takes pride in providing the athletic supremeness it stands for. With ion shielding installed, it guarantees to offer you maximum pain relief, be it from sore joints with years of abuse, striking pain in the foot, back, knee, or back with your heavy-duty work.

In addition, it comes with a midsole that is 30% thicker than the original. Another thing Gravity Defyer installed in these shoes is a medically tested and proven VersoShock pain relief sole, which allows the Ion to wrap your foot in comfort.

Ion provides you with increased stability and high-end support and balance, which is a must need for people who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis. Further, it gives you a lot of support to ease the pain in the back of the feet, improves heel spurs and bunions.

(Video) Type of Shoes You Should Wear With Plantar Fasciitis

Moreover, it also has a maximal sole for those who need extra cushioning at the arch and forefoot.

Everyone wishes to get a little extra for the same price, right? Ion includes Corrective Fit orthotic as a free bonus, a podiatrist-grade solution that restores joint alignment for lasting pain relief and comfort.


  • It is slip-resistant and provides a firm grip on the surface.
  • Its breathable mesh upper provides proper ventilation & flexibility
  • Removable insoles are installed to accommodate custom orthotic support and reapplying too
  • Its front rolling forefoot design allows a smooth movement and stability
  • Ion reduces foot stress by isolating bones, joints, and muscles
  • An extra room is left in the toe area for comfort and better blood circulation throughout


  • Its arch is too high, which can make feet the wearer’s feet hurt extensively
  • It can be a bit problematic for people with broad feet
  • Over time holes may appear in the shoe’s mesh top
  • Regardless of all the high-tech perfection for Plantar Fasciitis, it weights on a heavier side

#3- Orthofeet Lava Stretch-Knit Athletic Shoes

10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (15)


Fabric & Foam

Available For

With its top-notch production, Orthofeet makes its name yet again in our top listed products. Further, with tri-multi pockets and an anti-microbial sole intact, these shoes give it an edge over all the other Orthofeet products.

Furthermore, allowing no compromises in its high-end technologies, it has a non-binding construction that allows for a more friendly and ergonomic fitting on the feet, providing extreme comfort to help your Plantar Fasciitis.

In addition, it takes a lot of pride in delivering excellence in terms of comfort and efficiently offering its quality products for so many years.

However, with the growing populace and the ever-increasing need for comfort in different life aspects, we often forget how essential our foot care is.

These shoes have always been thoughtful about it, delivering the best products as per the consumer’s desire.

Likewise, with its unmatched cushioning and heel pain relief properties, Orthofeet leaves you no choice but to go with it, and these shoes are the answer to it.

Like most of its other models, Orthofeet provides a 60-Days wear test with this too. However, these benefits are some, more is still left.


  • Ortho-Cushion™ System provides a “Walking on the Cloud” experience
  • The removable spacers allow you to self-optimize a snugger and comfortable fit
  • It comes with an anti-microbial fabric & foam, which keeps your feet dry and bacteria-free
  • Its no-overlay foam padding eliminates pressure on bunions & hammertoes for a relaxing fitting


  • The width can be too broad, which affects the overall size of the shoes.
  • It is pretty expensive in terms of price-per-quality.

#4- Gravity Defyer G-Defy Mighty Walk

10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (16)

Gravity Defyer

Fabric & Synthetic

Available For

Gravity Defyer has launched yet another fantastic product to continue servicing you with the apex products, ensuring that your comfort and ease are their highest priority.

However, don’t let G-Defy Mighty Walk’s sleek design fool you. While these sneakers may have a very lightweight, breathable design, they compromise no abilities known to be Gravity Defyer’s signature.

Therefore, keeping a low profile, these shoes come with VersoShock technology that has gotten a lot of recognition lately. Further, it has set the company apart from its competition by a considerable mark.

On the other hand, people who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis have many complaints about the weighing of the shoes and the amount of comfort that gets lost since the manufacturer’s priority changes.

With G-Defy Mighty Walk, you don’t provide your feet with a cure to Plantar Fasciitis. Firstly, its high-end cushioning offers you relaxation and comfort even at long hours of use, and its breathable mesh material allows your feet to stay dry at the same time. Secondly, it also features intense anatomical support, high-end cushioning. Thirdly, the ergonomic soles that your entire lower body gets to experience the relief from the fascia pain it rightfully deserves.

Furthermore, these shoes are not made for people suffering from the striking pain of Plantar Fasciitis alone. However, its Rocker Sole is a perfect utility for people who have Arthritis and Diabetes as well.

(Video) The Best Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis


  • Its Verso Shock Technology has been clinically proven to relieve fascia pain up to 92%
  • A Roomy Toe Box is also installed to provide extra comfort and blood circulation.
  • The high-end durable mesh top provides fantastic ventilation & flexibility.
  • The front rocker sole has a supportive midfoot to prevent fascia pain.
  • The soles are removable and can accommodate custom orthotic support at ease.


  • Its firm cushioning rather than an absorbing gel-like one is problematic for some people.
  • It takes a little time to get used to and have your feet adjusted well enough in it.
  • The front area of the feet might feel a bit high.

#5- New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoes

10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (17)

New Balance


Available For

If you’re one of those who prefer primary unicolor shoes, but with a great design and high-tech performance, then New Balance is a brand you should be associated with very quickly.

Being a man, you might be looking for a functional pair of walking shoes that comes with abilities to combat Plantar Fasciitis and not go easy on the style at all.

Thereby, this might actually be a perfect fit for you. Further, known for its out-of-the-box construction and impressive designs, this shoe pair might be the product to make into your top list, and the Men’s MW928 is no different than any other.

New Balance offers ABZORB midfoot cushioning, one of the best technologies out there in the whole footwear marketplace.

Thereby, if you’re suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, Arthritis, or any other issue that is regarded to your feet and back, you should know that you need extra care for your feet’ health.

In short, you ought to take steps that provide your feet the care and comfort they need. MW928 comes with a shock-resistant sole that efficiently prevents many shocks and impacts your way.

This midfoot cushioning has been included in the design to ensure the shoes absorb all the impacts and keep your feet free of injuries.

Another incredible feature is the New Balance Phantom Liner installed in the shoes that allow your feet to breathe and keep your feet dry at all times, making sure no unwanted odor gets trapped.


  • Its ABZORB midfoot cushioning keeps all impacts away
  • It is resistant to odor with the help of the Phantom Liner
  • These shoes offer a perfect fit for people with wide feet
  • It also has a flexible leather built


  • People who have narrow feet would find it very problematic to find their size
  • It is not suitable for sensitive feet

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#6- Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoes

10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (18)


Textile & Synthetic

Available For

Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoes are essentially made for people who prefer a sporty look with extensive comfort and ease of walking. It has long been serving in multiple areas of sports and has made its name throughout the world.

However, it has now started to give importance to people with less sporty activities but desire its look.

On the other hand, the company has been very thoughtful in providing top-notch designs with the highest comfort level for people who suffer from different foot conditions, especially Plantar Fasciitis.

Moreover, its ergonomic design comes with a rearfoot GEL technology that does wonders in ensuring your feet’s cushioning and keeping them comfortable at every step.

Conclusively, nobody likes stinky shoes walking around the home. Get these shoes and say goodbye to those stinky smelly shoes for good!

(Video) TOP 5: Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis 2023


  • It offers an energized cushioning that gives you extra stability and clocks more steps
  • The internal heel counter provides a supportive fit
  • AMPLIFOAM midsole ensures cushioning and comfortability of the feet
  • The removable ORTHOLITE sock liner keeps your feet fresh longer


  • These shoes are great for casual walkers but not for long-term walking
  • The front of the shoes might be a bit heightened for some people causing pain

#7- Rockport Men’s Chranson Walking Shoe

10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (19)



Available For

It has held its head high up in the marketplace and continues to put its customers in wonder with its consistent high-end quality product.

Thereby, these Shoes give you a head start and put you ahead of everyone in the pack with an ample amount of comfort that stands the test of time.

Further, it has a sturdy yet flexible structure whose design is athletically inspired and gives you the perfect walking experience every single time.

In addition, these walking shoes are great for a casual stride in the city as their truTECH ability allows you to be carefree about shocks and guarantees the rebound at the forefoot.

Moreover, this helps reduce the impact from the shock, but it is also a very beneficial point in health view as people with feet conditions are always wary of such things.

Therefore, if you’re someone who suffers from Plantar Fasciitis, this might be your go-to product because it provides the grip to keep you moving forward, no matter where you’re headed.


  • It has a mesh lining that gives a moisture-wicking, breathable feel
  • Adjustable lace closure lets you optimize the fitting to your perfect fitting
  • It has a rubber outsole, which provides high durability
  • The truTECH technology provides shock absorption at the heel and rebounds at the forefoot
  • The latex footbed offers an ample underfoot cushioning


  • The design is not comfortable enough to be worn in the long term.
  • The design has some unavoidable manufacturing faults making it a painful experience for users.

#8- New Balance Men’s 877 V1 Walking Shoes

10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (20)

New Balance


Available For

New Balance Men’s 877 Walking Shoes make their way to the list, especially because of their Heritage-Inspired Design, which brought so much popularity to New Balance in its prime.

Also, these walking shoes promote a proper stride, featuring New Balance’s Walking Strike Path Technology. This technology is used in the outsole, which results in intense stabilization, guiding the feet through the walking gait cycle.

New Balance is extensively known throughout the world for its long-term relation to big sports. Hence, it comes with a very stylish and sporty look with a beautifully crafted suede/mesh upper for an everyday athletic look.

Furthermore, with the logo embossed on one side of the shoe, 877 V1 proudly focuses on the mesh lining throughout the shoe to provide high breathability. In addition, it allows your feet to remain dry and fresh at all times.

Thus, if you’re going to go out on a walk, you better do it with style, and New Balance guarantees to offer that.


  • It has a rubber outsole, which prevents shock absorption extensively
  • Features Walking Strike Path Technology that helps to stabilize and guide the foot
  • It is crafted uniquely with suede-mesh upper to give an everyday athletic look
  • It is cushioned with ABZORB midsole technology that absorbs impacts efficiently


  • The shoe liner is too thin and takes away the intended comfort.
  • It does not come with amiable arch support.
  • The sole isn’t as comfortable as it should be in the case of Plantar Fasciitis.
(Video) Best Walking Boot For Plantar Fasciitis In 2021 - Top 5 Walking Boot

#9- Vionic Men’s Walker

10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (21)



Available For

Vionic has been making premium quality products for as long as it has made its way into the market. Vionic Men’s Walker offers the best in biomechanical support, probably the best what a Plantar Fasciitis patient could need.

Its excellent full-grain cowhide uppers and sturdy high-foothold outsoles give the most elevated solace and walk of style to the consumer.

Vionic has been able to make its market worth this high due to all the top-notch qualities it uses to provide its customers with the best of what their requirements are.

In the manufacturing of Vionic Men’s Walker, Active Motion System Technology was used to provide the wearer with the utmost comfort level. The podiatrist-designed orthotic outsole with a breathable upper is the perfect combining blend.

It continues to offer breathability to the wearer, keeping their feet dry and fresh throughout the day. Additionally, it also features a firm, thermoplastic heel counter for expanded security and backing.


  • The outsole is cushioned heavily to ensure that flexibility maintains itself at max
  • The upper is made of full-grain, water-resistant leather
  • To reduce friction against the skin, a polyester mesh line with PU foam is installed in the shoes
  • The biomechanical removable orthotic highlights anti-bacterial top cloth to control foot odor
  • Durable elastic outsole for improved footing
  • It has gotten clinical APMA Seal of Acceptance


  • It is on a higher-end when it comes to pricing.
  • It has a narrow opening to insert the foot, which makes it hard for swollen feet.

#10- Brooks Running Addiction Walker Best Slip Resistant Shoes

10 Best Men's Walking Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis | 2022 (22)



Available For

Sometimes it’s good to slow down and enjoy the scenery.

Brooks Running uses this as their slogan for these particular shoes, and we agree with them completely. These walking shoes come with excellent support paired with slip-resistant soles so that nothing can catch you off-guard.

Additionally, with their sleek yet sporty design, these shoes have made their way in successfully in the marketplace and cut no slack in providing its users with top-notch quality products.

Furthermore, it features a brand new technology called BioMoGo DNA. They call it to be their proprietary cushioning, which intelligently adapts to your stride, weight, and speed, which results in providing you amazing comfort and deflects away from the impact from your body.

Additionally, featuring such qualities to the consumers has left them no choice but to go for it and experience the supreme fashion alongside comfortability that has been a top priority for all the people who suffer from various foot conditions.

Conclusively, these shoes can strategically position your arch support so that while offering you ease in walking, it also keep your body in a natural path of motion


  • It has a full-grain leather upper that provides comfort and high durability
  • It features ASTM F489-96 Certified slip resistance that keeps you in balance at all times
  • It has a PDRB system that offers support for the entire body and maintains arch support.


  • The sole feels like a hard plastic, which is noisy on hard floors
  • The tongue of the shoe is kept very short, which allows the dirt to make its way easily
  • The new Walker sole needs cleaning every time it is worn outdoor

Final Words

We have enlisted you with the best products having features like intense anatomical support, high-end cushioning, and ergonomic soles, your entire lower body gets to experience the relief from the fascia pain it rightfully deserves.

(Video) Top 15 Best Walking Shoes For High Arches And Plantar Fasciitis

We all love something a bit extra, right? Thereby, these suggested sneakers for men and women also are a suitable substitute for people who have Diabetes or Arthritis as they come with extra foam padding.

Therefore, it’s essential that your footwear is comfortable when you’re out walking because Plantar Fasciitis can cause horrible pain and no one would wish to spend tons of money on something that wouldn’t even help the cause.

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What are the best men's sneakers for plantar fasciitis? ›

Asics Men's Gel-Kayano 28

The Asics GEL-Kayano running shoes are our top overall pick for their excellent support and comfort that men with plantar fasciitis need. They feature Asics' popular GEL cushioning, which pampers and supports the heel area, and durable rubber soles for exceptional shock absorption.

Which brand is good for plantar fasciitis? ›

The best Plantar Fasciitis shoes

You'll find stylish options from brands such as Teva, Dansko, Hoka One One, Clarks, Oofos, New Balance, and Superfeet from retailers like Amazon, Nordstrom, REI, and more.

What shoes should you not wear with plantar fasciitis? ›

Not wearing supportive shoes

You should avoid shoes that put a lot of pressure on your feet, such as high heels. You should also avoid wearing cheap flip flops, which usually lack sufficient arch support.

Should I limit walking with plantar fasciitis? ›

In fact, walking may actually inflame the plantar fascia more, leading to an extension of your treatment. While it's not walking alone that could further inflame the ligament, if you're not wearing the right shoes or are exerting yourself too much, the plantar fasciitis can flare up.

Does plantar fasciitis get better with walking? ›

Plantar fasciitis often causes a stabbing pain when you take your first steps after getting out of bed. As you move around, the pain usually decreases; however, it may return after you've been standing for long periods or when you stand up after sitting for a while.

Which mens Saucony is best for plantar fasciitis? ›

We recommend the Saucony Endorphin Speed 3 if you have a normal arch height and you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. Their 8mm heel drop reduces tension on the Plantar Fascia when standing, walking or running.

What aggravates plantar fasciitis? ›

Activities that can increase the force through your feet and aggravate plantar fasciitis include: Running, walking or standing a lot in unsupportive shoes. Running, walking or standing on hard surfaces like concrete. Carrying a heavy object or gaining weight.

Are Skechers arch Fit good for plantar fasciitis? ›

We recommend the Skechers GOwalk Arch Fit if you have mild symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis. The lightweight cushioning helps to absorb forces of impact when walking, and their dual-density traction outsole provides stability to help control your foot's movement.

What stops plantar fasciitis? ›

Most people who have plantar fasciitis recover in several months with conservative treatment, such as icing the painful area, stretching, and modifying or avoiding activities that cause pain.

What can I wear on my foot to help plantar fasciitis? ›

Athletic tape: Tape can support your foot and keep you from moving it in a way that makes plantar fasciitis worse. Shoe inserts. Also called insoles, arch supports, or orthotics, they can give you extra cushion and added support. You can get them over-the-counter (OTC) or have them custom made.

What is the fastest way to cure chronic plantar fasciitis? ›

  1. rest and raise your foot on a stool when you can.
  2. put an ice pack (or bag of frozen peas) in a towel on the painful area for up to 20 minutes every 2 to 3 hours.
  3. wear shoes with cushioned heels and good arch support.
  4. use insoles or heel pads in your shoes.
  5. try regular gentle stretching exercises.

What is the highest rating for plantar fasciitis? ›

As of February 2021, plantar fasciitis now has a Diagnostic Code and ratings that range from 10% to 40%. The breakdown of these ratings is as follows: 10% – this rating is applied to cases of plantar fasciitis classified as otherwise and can apply to one or both feet.

Is Crocs good for plantar fasciitis? ›

This is why Crocs can help in treating plantar fasciitis. Not only do they fit the foot well, but they are also well-cushioned - guaranteeing comfort while walking. Moreover, they have rigid soles that provide firm support to the foot. The rigidity prevents twisting of the foot, which puts strain on the foot and leg.

Are compression socks good for plantar fasciitis? ›

Compression socks are considered good for plantar fasciitis as they reduce the mobility of your feet by providing support to arches and ankles. Thus your alignment gets improved, and feet tissues don't get stressed. They also help in preventing injuries due to exercising in bad posture.

Why won't my plantar fasciitis go away? ›

If your heel pain doesn't subside after a few weeks, it's a good idea to make an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. Your orthopedist will examine your foot to make sure it's not something else causing your pain. Your doctor may use X-rays and other tests to rule out a foot fracture or other heel pain causes.

Should you massage plantar fasciitis? ›

Since plantar fasciitis is essentially a repetitive strain injury to the fibrous tissue on the underside of the foot, massage therapy is a helpful treatment for relieving that strain. In particular, deep tissue massage is the technique of choice for heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

How do you treat plantar fasciitis when walking? ›

Lifestyle and home remedies
  1. Maintain a healthy weight. Extra weight can put extra stress on your plantar fascia.
  2. Choose supportive shoes. Buy shoes with a low to moderate heel, thick soles, good arch support and extra cushioning. ...
  3. Don't wear worn-out athletic shoes. ...
  4. Change your sport. ...
  5. Apply ice. ...
  6. Stretch your arches.
Jan 20, 2022

Can certain shoes make plantar fasciitis worse? ›

Wearing shoes that are too tight or shoes that raise your heel high above your toes may also aggravate the condition. This type of footwear doesn't allow your foot to take its natural position and may increase pressure on sensitive areas, such as the plantar fascia.

What is plantar fasciitis so bad I can't walk? ›

Plantar Fasciitis is a painful condition that affects the connective tissue that attaches to the base of your heel and foot. Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis include: Heel pain, arch pain, morning pain, Achilles tendon tenderness or pain, and difficulty walking.


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